18 Things You Cannot Do With Glasses

Glasses can sometimes be a pain.


Whether for fashion or necessity, glasses can sometimes be a pain. It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing some sleek designer shares or square frame glasses, there are just some things you cannot do smoothly.

Enjoy a hot beverage

It is all chilly outside, you are cuddled up in a warm blanket, and you take a sip of some hot chocolate. Boom! Now you cannot see out of your glasses. They are all fogged up. This is an especially difficult challenge for those of us that cannot even see without our glasses!

Dance in the rain

As a matter of fact, you cannot do much of anything in the rain! Walk, run, or dance! The moment you step outside the little specks of rain will begin appearing on your glasses, so you might as well carry an umbrella because no dancing in the rain for you!

Enjoy Snapchat Filters

With all the new tech around filters on your face, they clearly have not advanced to allowing those of us with glasses to enjoy them! Either our face does not get recognized or the glasses makes our face look much smaller than how it really is.

Cook over a steaming pot (or strain pasta)

If you wear glasses and love to cook, you know the struggle is real! Cooking over a steaming pot or straining some pasta into a colander is the perfect environment for a steamy pair of glasses. If only they made little glasses windshield wipers!

Or open an oven door

Yes, it is not just steamy pots that are the enemy. An opening oven door can immediately blind our vision and for those of us that are unprepared become dangerous!

Lie down to watch a movie or read a book

You are tired at the end of the day so you settle in to watch a movie with a loved one or read a book. Hope you are sitting up because laying down watching or reading is nearly impossible with glasses. As soon as your head hits the pillow, your glasses will immediately shift up. Oops!

Reflection everywhere you turn

A coworker comes over to your desk and they don’t see your shining face staring back at them, but the reflection of whatever is on your screen. Just make sure you close Facebook before your boss comes over.

Branching Out 

It can be hard for anyone to play with their own style, even more so if you wear glasses. Do you go with the bold red or just stick to the classic black? If you get the red are you going to struggle with finding outfits that match? What are we to do?!

Keep your glasses to yourself

If you wear glasses you will inevitably be handing them over to a friend who wants to see ‘how blind you are’. While it is rare someone will notice nothing when they try on your frames, you know it will always be a shock.  

How many fingers?

Of course, you need to be tested once again to see if you are really blind, so there is the, ‘how many fingers?’ test. Which is when they hold your glasses hostage and who up a number of fingers you are required to guess! Of course, for some of us we may be able to tell others of us just let them  have their kicks and guess.

Then they get smudged

As soon as your friend passes back your glasses you know there will be fingerprints all over the lenses. No matter the warnings, it just is never the same!

 Not the time for self care

We all love some good self care! So if you are looking to take a bubble bath (steam = bad) or give yourself a face mask, you may need to get creative. A bubble bath with some steamy bubbles can easily fog up your lenses. While a face mask is a delicate process! Hope you don't have any pores near your lenses that need to be cleared up!

Bye bye health

Well, self care is an issue but exercise is going to be a struggle as well. Everything from going for a run to lifting weights can be a challenge when you are sweating and fogging up your glasses! 

No 3D movies for us!

You know that new action movie that is supposed to be incredible in 3D? For those of us that use lenses, all it does is cause anxiety. We know this is just going to make our vision a complicated mix in between handfuls of popcorn and sips of soda.

 Wear sunglasses

If you wear prescription glasses, you may also need a pair of prescription sunglasses if you want to protect your eyes! This can quickly get very expensive if you love fashion!

You’re lost without them

When you are waking up in the morning, getting out of the shower, or going to bed, you may need to take your glasses off for a minute or two. Which only creates more challenges when you cannot see more than a couple inches in front of your face! - or you cannot see a couple inches past your face for your far sighted people out there!

 Keep the costumes simple

Whenever Halloween comes around, those of us with glasses are going to struggle from the very beginning. Aside from the fact that glasses can throw off a simple look, an even more fun look that involves a mask can make it more of a challenge. 


We know exercise is tough due to the fogging up of the lenses but playing any sort of contact sport with your friends can be stressful! You likely are worried they will come off, fall, and possibly break!

If you wear glasses and struggle with any of these items know you are not alone. In solidarity we will continue to wait for our food to cool, feel around for our glasses in the middle of the night, and limit our face mask to the areas all around your glasses.

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