The Resale Report: Everything You Need To Know About Reselling And Secondhand Shopping

Some facts and figures.


Thrifting has been the talk of the town for years now, at least as far as the fashion industry is concerned. It’s fast fashion this, resale this, and secondhand shopping that, with no shortage of hot takes to be found. Some think that the golden age of thrift shopping is behind us, while others still believe that thrifting as a cottage industry is far from finished.  

Recently, however, Recurate has come out with a report on the realities of resale shopping to explain how it works. According to Recurate, 48 percent of circular shoppers buy to flip resale. 74 percent of all shoppers already shop secondhand (fuck yeah), so the popularity of resale shouldn’t come as a shock. High end but mid-priced clothing companies such as J. Crew and Nike, have become two of the most popular resale companies. The philosophy here is simple: brands don’t need to create too many clothes and destroy them. They can just produce and resell. 


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