The Summer Fashion Trends That Are All Over Our Feeds

Summer really is just around the corner.


Instagram is always a go-to for providing us with the latest trends and some much-needed inspo for the warmer days ahead. Summer really is just around the corner now and if you’re struggling for some new accessories or staples for your wardrobe, let’s take a look at what’s been all over our feeds recently. 

Statement Rings With Nail Art

Bold and bright colors in the form of psychedelic rings and patterned nails have been trending for a while now. Whether you fancy accessorizing your hands to take a little Insta selfie, or perhaps just want to add some color to your outfits, this is certainly a good way to do it. Be sure to stay tuned to influencer favorite @Fatoooooota’s latest ring drop that’s being announced later this week. 

Bomber and Baseball Jackets 

Although summer is around the corner, the weather isn’t always on our side, so the perfect jacket is still a wardrobe essential. Oversized bomber and baseball jackets in neutral colors with big, oversized logos have been all over our feeds. They look great with denim or a pair of gym leggings and trainers for a more casual look.

Mini Bags

Probably not the most practical of choices, but definitely the cutest, colorful mini bags are another great way of adding a splash of color into an outfit or even to add some contrast. Although you can definitely splash out on these from your favorite designers, many brands have been bringing these out recently just in time for summer date nights. 

Bold Colors – Psychedelic Dresses


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These bright colors feature across many of the trends at the moment, whether it be jeans, tops, jackets or accessories, it appears pretty much everyone wants to inject a bit of color into their style after we move away from the past year. One particular trendy piece is psychedelic dresses, perfect for dinner and drinks, or even a cute picnic date. 

Strappy Sandals

As we have all been pretty much living in our sneakers the past year, it’s no surprise that strappy sandals and little kitten heels have been all over our feeds. We all need an excuse to dress up once in a while, right?


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