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“The Hoodie“ At Het Nieuwe Instituut

“The Hoodie“ At Het Nieuwe Instituut

Lou Stoppard’s curated exhibition explores the power of the staple sportswear.


Racially significant, politically rich, and sartorially controversial, the hoodie is the focus of writer and curator Lou Stoppard’s exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam.

Stoppard has dived deep into multiple archives for a comprehensive understanding of what the Instituut calls “western fashion’s last truly political garment.” Artists including Devan Shimoyama and Prem Sahib and brands including Vetements and Off-White, also contributed photography, film, and installations to explore the power of the staple sportswear. The pieces range from beautiful, reclaiming floral compositions to metaphorical table supports to explore the hoodie as an emblem of“social inequality, youth culture, subculture, police brutality, racism, privacy, fear and, in turn, style.”

The exhibition altogether is expected to spark a wide range of emotions and ideas, as wide as the range of powerful connotations and meaning of the hoodie. Check it out if you can. The exhibition opens next week on the first of December, and it’ll close 12th of April next year. More information can be found on Het Nieuwe Instituut’s website.


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