The Best Comments On Kylie’s Skin Care Routine Fail

And why we should take it seriously.


Fans are dragging Kylie Jenner for her ‘skin care’ video shared on her Instagram and Facebook account as they accuse the 21- year-old beauty mogul of ‘not washing her face properly’. 

Kylie’s sold out skincare range, Kylie Skin, was released last week and already caused much controversy, firstly with her walnut face scrub which was criticized as being too abrasive for the skin due to the walnut ingredient. Kathleen Lights, beauty YouTuber, criticized Kylie by asking "Aren’t those types of scrubs too abrasive for the skin? Don’t they cause like tiny scratches?". Now fans can’t believe what they are seeing from Kylie, who supposedly has enough skincare knowledge to bring out a brand dedicated to it, but apparently cannot wash her face properly. 

In the 30-second video, Kylie showed fans how to use her new cleanser which she recommends using ‘morning and night’. In the clip, Kylie is using a filter, and not even a subtle one, which slightly defeats the point of a video showing how effective her face wash is – we can’t even see her actual skin. Kylie washes her face with the cleanser for roughly 10 seconds, not nearly enough to clean her face and then rinses the foam off with water. The most hilarious part is when she dries her face with the towel at the end and foundation comes off onto it, who is she trying to fool here? Clearly, her fans saw right through the video with many coming up with hilarious responses. Here are our favorites: 


‘You washed your face for a total of 7 seconds, dried your face and FOUNDATION came off on the towel, and how are you doing a skincare routine video with a filter on?’ 

Evidently, the filter is the worst part with many fans noting it defeats the point of a ‘skin care’ tutorial.



‘My skin literally broke out from looking at this. The inflammation ... the irritation.......far too much 

Too funny – many note Kylie’s lack of research and knowledge in her own products.



‘kylie babby... I support your hustle but this isn’t the right way to convince me to buy your product. The towel literally wiped your makeup off’

The towel incident seems to be the most ridiculous part as it hardly shows her products in a positive light. 

While we can laugh at the clip, it does bring into question the more serious side of celebrity endorsements. Let’s face it, Kylie can’t even use her facewash correctly, does she even use it? 

Kylie isn’t the only Kardashian to gain criticism from fans regarding the products she endorses. Fans are calling Khloe Kardashian ‘pathetic’ and ‘fraudulent’ after promoting a teeth whitening product with the caption "Everyone’s been asking for my thoughts on @hismileteeth, here it is! I’ve been using the kit a couple of nights a week for the past few months and it has helped me maintain my white teeth." 

We doubt everyone has been asking about KoKo’s teeth whitening product of choice as many fans know she has veneers to keep her teeth looking pearly white. As with Kylie, fans see through the Insta post, which Khloe did specify was an add but to many is still ‘pathetic’ with one hilarious fan saying "I have veneers as well sista.... we all know you pick the color and tarter millimeter when they are being designed. They don’t stain. But I get the making money hustle. Love you koko"

The world of Instagram is full of celebs and influencers promoting their products, but the lies and adverts are exploitative of the fans who may not be informed that their idols are paid for these adverts and have been told what to post. Facewashes and teeth whiteners are not so serious but with the Kardashians previously promoting detox teas and appetite suppressants on their social media, easily influenced young fans may be drawn in by these toxic promotions which we all know can lead to all sorts of issues regarding body image and mental health. 

It’s okay to laugh off the hilarity of the issue, yet it’s important to question, how damaging are these adverts and should they be stopped? 


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