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Kylie Jenner’s ‘Kylie Skin’ Comes Under Fire Online Before Even Being Released

Walnut Scrub? We’re good thanks...


Kylie Jenner is releasing a highly anticipated skincare range, but from what we can understand a product is coming under fire online. 

Die-hard fans have been waiting for Kylie to release her Skin collection since October 2018, this is because there were reports of her filing for the now infamous ‘Kylie Skin’ trademark. Now set to be released May 22nd, there is one product, in particular, causing waves across social media.

The controversy surrounding the new range is all to do with the inclusion of a walnut face scrub!

Walnut face scrubs have been blacklisted in the beauty communities for years, this is because of their harsh exfoliating abilities. People with sensitive skin are warned to stay away from products like this as they have been proven to cause microscopic tears in the skin. 

Another skincare brand that came under fire in St. Ives. They found themselves in a 5 million-dollar class action lawsuit a few years ago for their ‘Apricot Scrub’. Two women in the US attempted to sue the company by claiming the cream was ‘unfit to be sold or used as a facial scrub’, and said it was causing tears in their skin. This was dropped when the judge found there to be a lack of evidence to support the claims.

Saying all of this though, dermatologists claim that any exfoliators with a ‘gritty texture’ should not be used daily and users should be wary of using them too frequently. The issue with this though is that in the new campaigns Kylie is noted to say her scrub is ‘gentle enough to use daily’ and claiming it was her ‘secret to a fresh face’. 

People have taken to Twitter and are very unhappy with the product:

Overall looking into all the research and opinions we’re probably going to be avoiding this scrub, sorry Kylie! 

What are your opinions on this new range? We’d love to know!


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