The 4 Things To Do To Become A Vegan

Get into a certain mindset for it to work.


It’s a trendy thing to be a vegan these days. Many people are taking on this lifestyle as a way to take control of their health. Others are concerned about animal well being and don’t want to harm animals in any way. There are even people who are doing it for environmental reasons since meat production has a huge carbon footprint. Whatever the reason for wanting to be a vegan you have to know how to go about making the switch so you can do so responsibly. 

It’s necessary to do some research ahead of time so that you aren’t making mistakes. You could affect your health if you don’t understand how things work. It also takes getting into a certain mindset for it to work. In this article, we will go over what it takes to become a vegan. 

1. Practice mindful consumption

The first thing to realize is that being vegan isn’t just a diet. It’s a way of life that informs just about everything you do. From the way you eat to the way that you spend money. It should reflect how you are as a consumer. This means that you have to think about what you’re buying and avoid things that have a negative impact on animals and the environment. 

For instance, if you are looking to buy makeup then you have to be mindful about the practices of the manufacturer. Many brands will test their products on animals in the cruelest of manners. Luckily, there are many different brands out there that don’t test on animals and don’t contain any animal based ingredients. They will only use plant based ingredients in addition to being cruelty free. 

You can buy everything from vegan foundation to vegan lipstick and feel good about your purchase. It will take some discipline and can be time consuming to have to do the research before you make a purchase. The benefit is that it will do a lot of good for the world. 

2. Learn about nutrition

One of the traps that many new vegans fall into is thinking that by default they are eating a healthy diet by simply eliminating meat and dairy from their diet. The reality is that they need to eat a balanced diet and that requires a lot of research and understanding nutrition. It is very easy to end up lacking many vital vitamins and minerals when a diet is restrictive. 

There are ways to get the same nutrients without eating meat, but that requires knowing what to substitute. For instance, protein is very important for muscles so it is important to find ways to get enough protein from plant based sources. Beans and other legumes are important sources of protein for many people in the world who don’t eat meat for economic as well as moral or religious reasons. 

Think about how poor people ate many centuries ago and follow those diets since they didn’t have much meat in them. For instance, the Mediterranean diet is heavy on grains and vegetables and is one of the healthiest diets in the world. All you have to do is eat as they did in Italy and Greece, for example and avoid eating the meat that they occasionally ate. 

3. Go slow

Since it will take time to do the research to switch to a completely plant based diet, it is a good idea to take things slowly and not jump in with both feet right away. Think about starting out by going meatless for a few days a week and gradually work your way to a vegetarian diet. Over time you will be used to the routine and then you can even eliminate dairy and eggs from your diet and go vegan by the end. 

It could take months to get to that point. Even after you’ve committed to being a vegan you may have some time early on when you end up eating dairy or meat. Just move past it and go back to your vegan diet without feeling guilty or being too harsh on yourself. 

4. Get support

Having friends and family that are also vegan will make a world of difference. Not only is it nice to be aroudn people who share your values, but you will have a helping hand when things are tough. Sometimes you get in a food rut and end up eating the same things all the time. Getting ideas from others on what to eat and where to shop will help you stay committed.