Taloula's Addictive Jazz Cut "M3TAMORPHIN'" Transports Listeners to a Playful Psychedelic Realm

A mesmerizing jazz journey.


If you're searching for a vibrant and addictive jazz tune to add to your playlist, look no further than Taloula's latest release, "M3TAMORPHIN'." This East-London-based artist and creative is making waves in the music scene, and her unique sound is sure to captivate your senses.

"M3TAMORPHIN'" is a playful and psychedelic track that showcases Taloula's mesmerizing vocal range. Set against a backdrop of enriched funk chords and syncopated R&B percussion, her voice takes center stage, drawing you into a world of sonic bliss. Collaborating with Alessandro Ionna and acclaimed artist Caleb Kunle, Taloula weaves vintage undertones throughout the song, invoking a sense of 80s nostalgia. She skillfully blends these elements with the use of her trusty old Yamaha PSR 7 keyboard and drum machine, creating a tapestry of eclectic soundwaves.

The enchanting melodies of "M3TAMORPHIN'" will transport you back to childhood. Taloula's vibrant lyrics and captivating harmonies evoke a carefree spirit, encouraging listeners to explore the wonders of existence through self-expression. Her intention behind the track was to provide a window into the world of childhood imagination, inviting a new wave of free thinkers to join her on this imaginative journey.

Taloula's background, with Yemeni heritage and having been born in Israel before moving to Paris at a young age, has undoubtedly shaped her musical identity. Initially known as the French pop star TAL, she gained popularity with over 100 million streams. However, Taloula decided to shift her artistic direction, striving for a more authentic and true-to-self sound. Now based in London, she draws inspiration from her creative environment, infusing her music with a sun-kissed musicality that sets her apart.

Anticipation is building for Taloula's highly-anticipated debut album, slated for release later this year. As an important new voice in the London R&B landscape, Taloula embodies enlightenment and promises to deliver a captivating musical experience. So, brace yourself for the rise of this shining star, as she prepares to make her mark on the music industry and leave an indelible impression on listeners worldwide. Keep an ear out for Taloula because you're bound to hear a whole lot more from her in the near future.