We Need To Talk About Suicide

Celebs are talking about it and so should we.


Suicide doesn't discriminate. Whether you are male, female or part of LGBTQ+.  Swimming in cash or hustling for it. If you are in you are 9 or 90. Vegetarian, meat lover, vegan, gluten free or raw. Whether you like pink or black. Part of street wear culture or not. Famous or not wanting to be. You get the point. 

Suicide does not discriminate. Please remember this.

But also remember that it is ok to say you are not ok. We are all human and we all seem to forget that. Suicide is NOT about being weak. What is weak is not talking about it. What is weak is not listening when someone says they need help. That is weak, not you or anyone battling a mental illness. 

We often see celebs as having it all, being super human with no 'real' problems. Sadly, it isn't until someone in the spot light has struggled with mental health issues and suicide do we realise. They are just like us.

We lost Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade just days apart. What we lost was not two celebs, we lost two people who still had a lot to contribute to this world. We do not need to loose more people and celebs are now using their platforms, reach and influence to not sell you something, but to talk to you, to us. Open up the dialogue we need to still keep open. 

We would not think Jada Pinkett Smith would ever have had a dark day or struggle with internal demons. The actress took to Instagram to share her struggles with suicide. She explained to us what she was thinking, how her life could have been lost and she goes on to tell us we need to take care of our selves to heal. To practice self-love and self care.

It is all good to take care of your sneakers, have them cleaned up, looking fresh, hair did, nails sharp. But what about your spirit? What about your mental health. Take time for that. If you do not have time, make time. Take a mental health day. You can. Your mental health can get just as sick as your body does and we tend to over look that. When we get the flu do we not sleep it off, try and heal? Why don't we want to do that for our mental health? 

Another celeb who has spoken out proud about her mental health struggles is Lady Gaga recently accepted the Global Changemakers Award. Her work with her foundation Born This Way is a safe non-judgemental place to talk about youth struggles of all aspects. Lady Gaga shared her own mental health struggles and talked about her take on them "I truly believe that secrets keep you sick."

We need to keep talking about mental health and suicide. We can not keep silent on an epidemic stealing people's lives. It is ok to now be ok. We are the new generation and with us comes change. We need to change the stigma around mental health. We need to practice self love and we need to remember.

Suicide does not discriminate. Suicide does not mean we are weak. We are weak if we do not talk about it.

We here at Fizzy Mag want you to know that we support you in your struggles and if you ever feel the need to talk to someone we encourage it. We will always keep the conversation alive. You lovely reader out there are loved.


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