SuperCandy! Pop Up Museum

Save the delicious Pink Date!


Insta-art-design lovers unite!
Ever wanted to go to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory?
How about a Supercandy Factory decked out in Pink?

2,000 pink flamingos, pink bubble gum, a pink beach (sans Nicki Minaj) and guys, literally, a huge confetti photobox! CONFETTI!

Book your flights and accomodation to Supercandy! Pop Up Museum in Cologne opening September 26th.  This is no typical art exhibition! This is experiencing art in all it's pink wonderful glory. Let your inner designer and candy sweet tooth run wild in the pink halls. There are works fo art 'made to touch', but not to eat. Don't try eat the wall, no matter how mouth watering it is. 

Oh this exhibition isn't done giving you major diabeetus! A liquorice pool room filled with black balls and a pink beach with 10,000 pink balls... and all the insta photo goodness to make your feed drool worthy.

For those who are after another type of cheeky candy, there is a pink life sized Barberini Faun for a little naughty pleasure. 

The exhibition is only on for 12 weeks and tickets are very limited! The exhibition understands that the perfect insta shot is worth A-LOT (and sometimes even big dolla$) and you don't want anyone in your shot. With that in mind, admission is strictly limited in both time and number. You get this pink wonderland for 75 to 90 minutes!! 

Soak up all the pink you can get!

Tickets and pricing info are available at

Psssst! Buy your tickets before July 31st and get the early bird special of 14.50 Euro!!

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