Suicoke Drops Sustainable Eco Sandals Made From Scraps

Eco-conscious sandals for the summer season.


Suicoke is headed in the right direction by pursuing its latest sustainable Eco Sandal Line. The sandals are crafted using recyclable and biodegradable materials. 

The Eco Sandal Line is offering two versions of the semi-sustainable sandal – that include the DEPA and MOTO silhouettes. These perhaps are the most favored and recognizable styles for the brand. The Eco line is a culmination of numerous re-used fabrics and materials. Whether it’s leftover fabric during manufacturing or recycled nylon, there are a number of different sources that make up their Eco line. 


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The uppers of the sandals are made of unused lint and waste fabric that comes from the thread and weave process – a major waste material for production. The nylon tapes, thread, and labels are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

The footbeds of Suicoke’s Eco Sandals are made from sugarcane that is sourced from Brazil. Sugarcane is known to be a renewable resource that grows quickly while simultaneously removing carbon from the atmosphere. Many other eco-conscious footwear companies consider this a popular textile. 



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Suicoke utilizes its ECOSTEP EVO technology – which is generated by eco-compounds compiled from materials that are not used during other production processes. Although the sandals are not entirely sustainable, the ECOSTEP EVO sole consists of 30% recycled Vibram rubber.

The journey to Suicoke’s sustainability starts with DEPA and MOTO. There is no shortcut to creating environmentally-conscious footwear. The brand recognizes the global environmental and business model crisis the industry is undergoing and plans to continue on building a sustainability program. 



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Eventually, Suicoke aims to create a sandal that is fully made from recyclable and biodegradable materials. Until then – they will continue to lower their carbon footprint, incorporate eco-conscious motives and maintain the quality of their brand. Find out more at


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