Su Lee Shares First Single Off New EP

"Socially Alive" is the first single off of upcoming EP "Box Room Dreams"


Su Lee first made a name for herself back in 2020 with her song, and accompanying video, “I’ll Just Dance”. With 35,000 upvotes on Reddit and 750,000 views on YouTube in the first month, Su Lee's creativity clearly resonated with the audience, after spending months in lockdown for COVID-19.

The success of “I’ll Just Dance” led to a lot of industry interest, with many drawn to Su Lee's authenticity and raw expression.

Su Lee continues to remain true to herself with this latest single and upcoming EP. Broadcasting from a 10’ x 10’ box room in Seoul, Korea, Su Lee writes, produces, designs, and directs all her music and content.

On her new single “Socially Alive”, Su reflects on what it’s been like after being kept inside for over a year, mainly looking at our lack of social skills all of a sudden. In the opening of the track, Su tells us, “I think I’ve forgotten how to smile (crap),” something many of us can relate to!


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Although the track is dealing with some very real topics and questions that we’ve all be asking ourselves, she still manages to make the listening experience a pleasurable one. The dreamy-pop melody combined with Su’s lyrics makes for one great single.

We were fortunate enough to speak to Su Lee on the pandemic and her success. Read what she had to say below.

How have you found the pandemic? How has it influenced your creative process?

Being unable to travel freely has been the most difficult part for me. I’ve always had a massive wanderlust and being stuck in my little box room started to drive me a little crazy after a while. I also really really really miss my friends from school back in the UK.

Creatively speaking, the pandemic has acted as a double-edged sword for me. On the one hand, I was able to grow my audience significantly and create experiences with fans that probably couldn’t have happened otherwise. But on the other hand, I experienced a huge dip in my creative drive due to its (quite terrible) effect on my mental health.

You had great success with your song and video “I’ll Just Dance” what was that like, receiving so much praise and attention for your music and creativity?

It gives me strength to go on! I always say that listeners are the ones who truly bring life to my music. Having people share the video and song and seeing them express how much they related to it has made me feel less alone. They inspire me to continue writing more music!

Why did you decide to release “Socially Alive” as your first single off of your upcoming EP?

The world seems to be opening up again – slowly, but surely. I see venues opening up, pictures of people having fun at theme parks, and friends reuniting. It felt like the right time to release “Socially Alive” which addresses how I think a lot of people (including myself for certain) would probably feel really awkward about socializing again.


Who are your musical influences?

I get really inspired by artists who use their music as a vessel and tell a story or convey their visions – Grimes, Tyler, the Creator, Jack Stauber, and Joji to name a few!

You can listen to “Socially Alive” here and pre-save “Box Room Dreams” here.


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