From Beach Demos to Dancefloor Hits: Sophie and the Giants Exclusive Interview on 'Paradise'

Sophie's perspective on the hit single.


In this exclusive interview, we'll chat with Sophie and the Giants, the creative force behind the chart-topping single "Paradise" in collaboration with Purple Disco Machine. Sophie shares how this exciting partnership came about, the inspiration behind the song's lyrics, and why "Paradise" is the summer anthem of 2023. She also discusses the unique sound and style of the track, as well as the key factor that makes their collaboration with Purple Disco Machine so successful. Plus, we'll get a glimpse of what to expect during their upcoming tour and how Sophie plans to bring the energy of "Paradise" to their live performances. Let's dive in!

How did the collaboration between Sophie and the Giants and Purple Disco Machine come about for the single “Paradise”?

 I wrote this song as a rough demo near the beach in England and as soon as i finished I knew it was a song for us. I shared it with Tino and he loved it from the first listen. He took the Demo and made it into a masterpiece adding his recognizable Purple Disco Machine production. 

Could you describe the creative process behind the making of "Paradise" and how it differs from your previous collaborations?

When we made Hypnotized together it was different because it started as an instrumental which he had sent to me and then I adapted the instrumental with the melody and Lyrics adding them on top of the music. Paradise was the opposite starting with the melodies and lyrics first. In "The Dark" our second collaboration was created in the same way as Paradise.  

What inspired the lyrics and theme of "Paradise" and what message do you hope to convey to your listeners?

When I started writing this song, I really wanted to make something that people could escape to. Paradise is that perfect place, our ideal world where we make the rules and can live freely without our worries. I wanted to make a song that transports you there. We have had a tough few years with covid and everyone lost a lot during this time, but the main thing we can take from the experience is to enjoy our lives as much as possible because it’s so precious.

How would you describe the sound and style of "Paradise" compared to your previous chart-topping tracks?

It sounds like the message it’s conveying, it’s hypnotic, it’s transporting you and pulling you onto the dance floor, setting you free. 

What do you think sets "Paradise" apart as the summer anthem of 2023?

 It has a feeling of liberation and freedom and it's something that everybody needs right now as the world becomes a serious and sometimes heavy place. 

Can you share any interesting anecdotes or memorable moments from the recording or production of "Paradise"?

What’s so special about this track is that we kept the original demo vocals; they were recorded almost in one take and only intended as a rough guide for the track. Usually, I will go to a proper vocal booth and make the final vocals on a fancy microphone but there was something so magical about these original vocals that couldn’t be remade.

Given the success of your previous collaborations, what do you think is the key factor that makes your partnership with Purple Disco Machine so successful?

We really understand each other. We rarely have to say much to each other during the making of these tracks because we know exactly what to do. It’s like pure instinct and so easy. 

With a tour lined up and a busy schedule ahead, how do you plan to bring the energy and vibe of "Paradise" to your live performances?

It’s really my mentality at the moment. In the past, I’ve felt so serious and full of pressure in my career and performance which I think shows sometimes. I don’t quite know when it happened but these days I am so free on stage and so relaxed in my day-to-day life, I’m trying to enjoy every moment more and I hope this is something I can pass on. We also have plans to dress the stage and adapt the set to transport people into this Paradise and feel that weight lifts off of their shoulders through sounds and visuals.

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