Some Things to Consider as a Digital Nomad

Travel throughout a country or across the world.


The life of a digital nomad affords you a degree of freedom that most people will never experience. Essentially, you take on work that can be completed with a computer as you travel throughout a country or across the world. However, your income depends on the online jobs you can get, which will significantly affect your ability to maintain the digital nomad lifestyle.

But grabbing a laptop, finding a gig, and setting off isn’t exactly the process. There are all kinds of things that need to be considered, and there are some that can land you in boiling water if not taken care of. In particular, it isn’t entirely legal to just begin work while you are in another nation. You also need durable hardware, and you should check software licenses.

Your Right to Work in a Country

A core part of the digital nomad lifestyle is that of traveling. But you aren’t legally allowed to open up your laptop and begin a gig in most countries. This mainly relates to the tax laws and right-to-work laws of different nations. But apps like QuickBooks can help with taxes. And some nations aren’t as tolerant as others. Countries you should avoid:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Georgia
  • Caribbean Islands

You can obtain legal documentation for most nations, but you must pay taxes according to its own laws. And there are ways around some predicaments. For example, should you be lucky enough to fall in love and consider settling, you or your partner can apply for a UK spouse Visa for the right to settle in Britain. Other nations have similar legal documentation, such as America’s infamous Green Card.

Required Hardware and Software

Traveling around means durability and portability become an issue. Hardware needs to be protected. You can purchase rugged industrial laptops with a protective casing, but these are expensive. Instead, you could get a protective case for your computer. However, this will add weight, but there are lightweight laptops available such as MacBook Pro and LG Gram.

Protection should extend to the digital aspect of your computer as well. There is always the chance your device will be stolen or hacked. With bank details and client information stored there, the risk factor is extremely high. A good quality VPN such as NordVPN is essential, as is encryption software. Some software vendors also don’t include international travel in their licensing issues, so make sure you check.

Financial Planning

No matter where you are, traveling and living on the move is expensive. With no fixed abode, you will be forced to pay for motels, hotels, and hostels. The price of these types of accommodation can soon add up. You also need to think about food and future travel. You might be talented enough to earn top money for your gigs, but income from gigs isn’t set in stone. 

Therefore, you should plan ahead with all your financial issues and allocate a certain percentage for digital nomad personal care, shelter, clothing, and food. Currency is also an issue. You need to be aware of what you are to be paid in, as some currencies are almost worthless. Decide upon an agreed currency with clients and adopt a universal payment structure. This could be US dollars or UK pound sterling, with transfers facilitated by PayPal.