Skincare Tips For Digital Nomads And Travelers

Always be prepared and informed so you’ll always look fresh and rested.


Being a digital nomad and a traveler can be so much fun: you don’t depend on others and you can be in charge of your own destiny. Yet, there are certain things you should know of when dedicating your life to travel. It’s necessary to always be prepared and informed so you’ll always look fresh and rested. Skincare is important no matter where you at, so here are the most effective skin care tips for digital nomads and travelers:

1. Don’t forego your usual steps

Just because you’re traveling, it doesn’t mean you should skip your regular routine steps. In case you prefer double cleansing, being away from home shouldn’t dissuade you from using both of your favorite cleansers. Instead, find a way to apply all your products in a way that won’t be time-consuming for you. If you feel that using all the products isn’t that necessary, feel free to create your special “on the road” skin care routine. Being exposed to a different climate can have bad consequences for your skin, so it’s important to watch your skin closely and be wary of its needs. Having skincare routine while on the trip will make sure that your skin stays healthy and nourished even if you’re not at home.

2. Cleansing is important

Being on the plane and spending a lot of time on public transport can make your skin dirty, so it’s important to cleanse your face at least once a day, preferably in the evening, just before going to bed. Being in a different country or a city isn’t an excuse to stop washing your face altogether. If you don’t have your go-to products, you can even explore various products from local manufacturers. It’s also better to use eco-friendly and organic cleansers that don’t contain harmful ingredients. Additionally, exfoliating your skin once or twice a week is a must. Removing the dead cells will make your skin clear and soft. If you don’t like exfoliating, you can get a gentle exfoliating cleanser that can be used daily, just make sure it’s suitable for your skin type.

3. Don’t forget to moisturize

Adding a moisturizer is usually the final and most important step in a skincare routine. Depending on your skin, you can opt for creams, oils or something else. Still, in order to ensure the maximum skin moisture, it’s advised to use different products. Adding a hydrating serum first will replenish your skin cell’s water and prepare your skin for a heavier cream or oil. It’s important to mention that moisturizer should always be put on damp skin, and don’t use too much of it because your skin won’t be able to absorb it properly. Start with smaller amounts and more only if your skin still feels dry. Before you buy the moisturizer, make sure to check the ingredients. Price isn’t that important, because sometimes the cheapest products can be very effective.

4. Pack lightly

Sometimes travelers can get overwhelmed by constant packing and choosing things for their trips that they tend to forget to bring things they need in order to save space in the suitcase. So if you want to bring all your favorite products, try to bring travel sizes so you’ll be able to pack everything you need. Bringing travel-sized cosmetic products is also beneficial since airlines have requirements regarding liquid products. Making a list is also helpful, so you’ll know what you’ve packed and what you need to add to your suitcase. Another useful tip: bring products that are multi-purpose so you won’t need to carry a bunch of different stuff. For example, find a moisturizer that can be used for feet and hands, or buy yourself a hair conditioner that can also be a leave-in cream! Conclusion Skincare is important no matter where you are, so even frequent travelers and digital nomads should not skip their usual routine steps. For those who don’t have a routine, you can create one yourself, because even if your skin looks good, it still needs to be cleansed and moisturized. Traveling can be a great way to meet different people, learn their routines and find various products that aren’t available in your hometown. So next time you’re packing, don’t forget any of your products because your skin deserves the best care even when you’re not at home!


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