How I Switched To A Fully Eco-Friendly Beauty Routine

Save the oceans — and your skin!


I knew about eco-friendly beauty routine since I was a teenager, but it never occurred to me to try it, until recently, when I’ve started researching about harmful practices happen after we indulge in too much consumerism. The good thing is, eco-friendly beauty routine doesn’t have to expensive or complicated, as a matter of fact, it can be much cheaper than everything you use at the moment.

So here’s how I switched to a fully eco-friendly beauty routine:

1. First, I did my research

I’ve always been eco-conscious, so expanding to the world of eco-friendly beauty was a natural step. If you too are looking to start this type of routine, try your research by reading various articles or watching useful and informative videos. Also, it’s important to do everything at your tempo until you feel comfortable with eco-friendly and zero-waste beauty routine(s). For me, it was important to feel like I have time, since a lot of my friends who’ve tried eco-friendly routines, they've done everything at once, which has led to disappointment and giving up too soon. Additionally, there are eco-friendly micro influencers that offer a lot of valuable advice on how to adopt a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

2. I’ve got to know my skin and hair

Realizing that happiness doesn’t mean a shelf full of products can be sobering and saddening at the same time. We’re constantly told that having a lot of face creams, body lotions, and makeup will make us prettier and more content. While I used to shop a lot, I was constantly anxious and worried that I’m doing something wrong. Many women tend to buy anything that vaguely promises results without getting to know their skin and hair first. For me, learning about my skin type (combination) was eye-opening since I’ve also learned to use only the products that can help me look better. Same goes for hair care, instead of buying every shampoo and conditioner, I took time to learn about my hair type which immensely helps me when looking for new hair products.

3. Minimalism is the key

The minimalist lifestyle has been gaining in popularity, and for me, the first step was getting rid of all the unused products I’ve owned and switched them for more sustainable and eco-friendly ones. I’ve realized that, if I want fresh-looking skin, I don’t need a lot of products. Also, I’ve learned that a proper skincare routine also involves using natural oils, staying hydrated and eating less sugar and fast food.  Now I have only a few products which I regularly use until they run out. 

4. I’ve learned to read ingredients

Before I went eco-friendly, I’ve never paid attention to the ingredients. For me, they were just a bunch of complicated words at the back of the product. But, going eco-friendly has taught me that being wary of certain ingredients and their effects on our skin and hair. Now, I use brands that use only natural ingredients that aren’t harmful to my skin and the environment. Now, whenever I need to buy something, I make sure that the product doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients, alcohol, parabens, and paraffin because these ingredients can damage the skin and the body.

5. I became more crafty

Going eco-friendly means relying on yourself instead of going shopping. For me, it was difficult at first, but thanks to the support that I’ve got from various groups and message boards, I’ve improved my skills and learned so much. Making my own facial cleanser and makeup remover was a liberating experience since now I don’t have to browse the aisles in order to find the ones that work for me. Also, I switched to a shampoo bar and an old-school soap bar. That way, I can use them without causing unnecessary waste that I used to have when I used regular bottled shampoos and liquid soaps. 


Adopting a full eco-friendly can seem demanding since there are a lot of rules, but trust me, once you start, you’ll forget about commercial products that create a lot of waste and contain a lot of harmful ingredients. The most important thing is to start slow, without rushing, since that’s the most effective way to commit to eco-friendly lifestyle on a long-term basis. Just remember that you don’t need to jump into the green beauty routine, instead, do it gradually, and don’t forget that baby steps can be more useful than one giant leap


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