Skincare Habits To Adopt During Your Period

That time of the month can be rough!


Premenstrual syndrome and cramps already make menstruation a challenging time. As if it wasn't enough, your period can be marked by the emergence of unpleasant little pimples on your face.
While the monthly bloody purge is essential (at least until a genius finds a healthy way out!), it doesn't mean you have to endure the accompanying inconveniences. Just like pain relief, there is also a solution for period-induced skin issues. And it starts with avoiding the wrong moves.

Skin is a living, breathing organ that changes over the month. As hormones in the body fluctuate, the skin reacts to these highs and lows. Some of these changes are not perceptible to untrained eyes, but others are.
For instance, you might notice your pores becoming more or less prominent throughout the month. Or, your skin feels sensitive and tight despite your best efforts. Likewise, pimples pop on your chin like clockwork at a specific time of the month.  

The truth is that our skin has particular requirements all through the menstrual cycle. Thus, the cosmetic industry is finally catching up with brands offering products tailored to those requirements. Meanwhile, beauty addicts should also adopt the proper rituals to help their skin handle menstruation.



Switching up moisturizers

A period is characterized by increased skin dryness. Therefore, your regular moisturizer might not provide enough hydration. If your skin feels dry, consider adding an extra step to your routine, such as applying a serum before your day cream or using a night mask to nourish your skin further.


Anticipating your acne breakouts

Sebum production increases the week before your period since estrogen levels begin to drop. A distracting shine and blemishes show up around that time. However, it would be best if you didn't wait for this spotty issue to arise before solving it. A week before the expected breakout, start using a purifying serum. Salicylic acid is your best friend.


No waxing

Regardless of the method used, waxing during your period week is not a good idea. In this menstrual cycle phase, your skin becomes more delicate and prone to inflammation due to the rapid decline in hormone levels.
Whipping out the wax or electric razor when your skin is most sensitive means you will experience more pain than usual. This is because the warming and tingling will remain longer. Ever heard of the "strawberry leg" effect?
Waiting a few days after your period ends before waxing or switching to a temporary hair removal method is a better option.



Delaying the facials

As blood flow decreases and sensitivity heightens, we must adjust our routine to avoid disturbing the epidermis. So that week, you should skip the purifying scrubs and masks.
To remove your makeup, opt for an oil or a makeup remover balm rather than absorbing cotton pads and micellar water.


Applying illuminating products

Dry skin naturally has a less vibrant appearance. Include a radiance booster in your routine to counter the dullness and gain some glow.  An illuminating primer will do the trick and lay the grounds for flawless makeup application.

You're now armed to fight those troubling times. Off you go!


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