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Skater Jeans: Where To Shop Fall/Winter's Best '90s-Inspired Denim

She was a sk8er girl.


We can all agree that stretchy skinny jeans aren’t exciting anymore. Vintage-style “mom” jeans have made a huge comeback — with searches for the jeans increasing by more than 227 percent in the last year, according to Pinterest — embroidered denim now works for all ages and cropped denim culottes are the shortcut to a laid-back weekend look — but what’s next?

Meet the skater jean — our new favorite; a roomy, high-waisted cut with added slouch. Unlike the ankle-skimming cuts we’ve grown used to over the past few years, the skater jean silhouette is extra-long, pooling over your sneaks or chunky sandals. Offering up a new wave of down tempo elegance, the pants are a serious serving of irreverent, ‘90s raver style. Count us in. Peep our favorite sk8er styles below – pocket chain optional. 

BDG Two Tone Buckle Wide-Leg Jean

If you thought you weren't tall enough to rock a good flare, think again. With colorblock denim detailing all the way down the outer leg, these jeans work to elongate your pins. Other cool features include a high-waisted fit, double-button closure and a worn-out wash.

Shop them here for $79. 

Cheap Monday High Rise Skater Flare Jeans

This covetable pair has real skater vibes, with strategically placed "rips" to make it look like you've been falling off your board 'n' shit. The uneven raw-cut hem adds extra edge.

Shop them here for $50.

A Line Fanbase Jeans


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Remember back in the day when we all wore skater jeans so long that they dragged through the dirt? These A-line Cheap Monday jeans have all of that ripped-bottom charm with none of the grot.

Shop them here for $35.

H! Wide Leg Jeans Skater Jeans


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For the slightly more refined, these dark-wash jeans are a sophisticated take on the silhouette, with a cropped length that'll bring all the attention to your skate sneaks.

Shop them here for $61.

BDG Zipper Wide-Leg Jean

These may look like a pretty standard pair of cool wide-leg jeans, but they're harboring a cheeky secret: you can unzip both sides all the way up for added sex appeal – the perfect way to transition from day to night.

Shop them here for $79.


ASOS Petite Crop Cargo Jeans


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These low-rise, grungy acid-wash jeans have got the proper relaxed skater feels – and they even come with a pocket chain.

Shop them here for $27.


JNCO Fixin' Carpenter Jeans

These mid-rise jeans even come with a little embroidered mascot which, if you ask us, totally resembles a Power Puff Girl. If you like getting down and dirty, they apparently also double up as workwear, as light-wash denim isn't easy to rip. 

Shop them here for $59.90.



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