Powerful Women In The Skate Kitchen Movie Trailer

Skate or die bitch.


Coming of age movies do not always capture the trueness of the girlhood. They gloss over the changes girls actually experience and rather give a flaccid take on that teen-adult fine line, while avoiding the nitty gritty that is reality. Sure they hone in on topics such as love and friendship and there is an undeniable heart felt shake up of friendship that drives Cruella De Vill to tears. Arguably Billy Elliot was a sterotype smasher with its working class Thatcher tale of a boys love of dance and his defience of the Patriarchal stereotype. However, to date there had not been such a powerful movie for women.

Until now. 

Skate Kitchen captures the essence of womanhood in a stereotypically male subculture of skating. The movie follows the all female skate crew Skate Kitchen tearing up the streets of New York, the story line centers around Camille, who has been kicked out of home for defying her mothers skating rules. From early on the movie vibes a rebellious nature of movers and skaters. The trailer infers that this is an authentic look into girlhood with scenes revolving around tampon use and female sexuality. The plot line has a Bend it like Beckham feel, with women pursuing their equal respect in a male dominated arena. Jaden Smith makes an appearance along the female skate crew, playing Camille’s love interest. It’s a Lords of Dogtown meets Ken Park mixed with The Sisterhood of the traveling pants.

For an authentically accurate take on the female skate culture of New York, Crystalle Moselle, esteemed director of The Wolfpack, submerged herself within the half pipes. The movie originally premiered at Sundance Film Festival and will be hitting screens on August 10th. 

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