Should I Spit Or Swallow?

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Dear Dr. Fizzy,

I have been with my boyfriend for six months and we are very much in love but I have been avoiding giving him a blow job as I have never done it before. He keeps asking me to do it and I really want to return the favor but I don't know what he expects. Am I supposed to swallow, is it rude to spit? Please help, I really don't know what to do.

From Angelly (17)

Dear Angelly,

The best thing you can do in this situation is be honest with your partner. If he is a real man he will understand your apprehension and talking about it together will help to put your mind at ease. Please remember, you never have to do anything you don't want to. Like seriously. Never. Even if you talk about it, decide to go for it and at the last minute decide you don't want to. If you are certain he is not putting any pressure on you and you still want to reciprocate, here are some things that might be useful to know beforehand.

Firstly, you are not in a porn movie and nor should you act like you are (unless you want to of course!)

Porn is very impressionable on people and would have everybody believe that you have to be uber enthusiastic, writhing around as if you've just discovered a new ice cream flavor. In reality, blow jobs can be a sensual thing but they don't have to be dirty act. It is unnecessary for you to be down on your knees for hours on end whilst your man stands towering over you, exerting his dominance and holding your head. Try having him lie down on the bed instead, you'll both be more comfortable and you'll have more control.

Swallowing is a completely personal choice

Many women do, many women don't. Some find it erotic, some find it a little too much for them. Your partner should respect your decision and it doesn't have to be the same decision every time. A blow job is an intimate act between the two of you and some women feel swallowing bonds them closer with their man. Another point in favor of swallowing is that it can be very sexy for both you and your partner, it's true men find it a turn on and also it can be less messy! It's also good to note that some men find it a turn off if you don't, in the same way that you might be offended if your partner immediately ran to the bathroom to rinse their mouth out if it was the other way around.

Don't feel bad for bowing out early

No blow job is ever the same and you shouldn't feel bad for leaving the race early, particularly your first few times. Start slowly and build up your confidence, no need to rush into things like a bull to a rag. They don't call it a job for nothing and sometimes it can last longer than other times. Bowing out early can be quite fun actually, it's a good way to turn your partner on, ready to move on to other things you are more comfortable with.

Think of it as a beauty treatment

Bet you never thought of incorporating a blow job into your beauty regime! Many spas and hair salons around the world use bull sperm in their products due to the beautifying properties in sperm. It's known to whiten your teeth, combat depression, promote healthier hair growth and more youthful skin!

I hope these tips help you in your journey to discovering the blow job, sex is supposed to be fun, so don't let it stress you out.


Dr. Fizzy

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