Shanghai Stuns: Louis Vuitton's Latest Show

Youthful vibes and high fashion glam.


Louis Vuitton's first runway show in China since the pandemic, orchestrated by Nicolas Ghesquière under the innovative Voyager Show format, was a spectacular fest of youthful zest and local creativity. Hosted at the Long Museum in Shanghai, the event merged fashion with striking artistry, reflecting the palpable energy of the Chinese youth that Ghesquière experienced during his visits to Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu.



The show highlighted the works of Sun Yitian, a Beijing-based artist renowned for her whimsical paintings of inflated animals. During a November trip, Ghesquière was drawn to Sun's story and unique artistic expression. This inspiration was vividly brought to life on the runway where Sun’s art featured prominently; her series of toy animals like pink rabbits, yellow ducks, and spotted dogs adorned over 90 products ranging from high-end bags to garments and other accessories.



Moreover, Ghesquière's collaboration extended into music, tapping Chinese supermodel Chu Wong to remix her "Bad Kiss N Dreams" track for the runway, produced with Woodkid Music, blending her voice with the techno-infused backdrop to heighten the show's dramatic allure.



The collection transitioned from simple pieces accentuating the Sun Yitian collaboration to more complex designs featuring Ghesquière's typical floral patterns and vibrant clashes of color. It matured into luxurious textures with garments like pinafore maxidresses crafted from cashmere and mink, and later into architectural forms with bubble dresses and sporty cocoon coats.



Reflecting on local fashion sensibilities, Ghesquière noted a trend towards balance and subtlety among Chinese consumers, favoring less extreme, more thoughtful ensembles. This was apparent in outfits pairing flowy dresses with robust combat boots or trail-running sneakers, showcasing a blend of practicality and style.

Isn’t it cool how art and fashion can come together like that?