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Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Finally Reveal Their Conspiracy Make-Up Line

Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Finally Reveal Their Conspiracy Make-Up Line

We are shook THE HOUSE!


The moment has finally come - Shane Dawson reveals his conspiracy make-up line in collaboration with none other than make-up mogul Jeffree Star. After taking us on a six-part documentary journey, giving us insights on the whole process of creating the line from picking the shades to approving the formula and the packaging design - the official line is leaving us speechless.

The main star of the anticipated collab is the conspiracy palette. It consists of 18 unique and vibrant shades, mattes and sparkly, with even more brilliant names that are very Shane. Our personal favorites: the piggy pink Pig-Ment and the shiny dark green Illuminatea. Let’s get real: look at that pigment, we’re gagging!

As if the conspiracy palette wasn’t enough, we get a mini-palette on top. The - hold your breath- Mini Controversy. Yes! Shane isn’t a stranger to controversies surrounding him, the latest being the rumor of him having intercourse with his cat due to a joke he made years ago that was taken out of context. The self-humorous way he deals with backlash and his controversial past is what makes him relatable and likeable. Seeing that translate into products is truly a gift for every fan.

But is it all a joke? No. Even though the line is fun to experience, the collaboration is not a joke. In the documentary we witness how thought through every little step of creating the products is. If there’s any doubt about the tiniest detail, the product is not approved. Whether it is the formula or the packaging, to Shane and Jeffree every aspect of the collection had to feel right. It’s not a Halloween line, it’s not a joke, it is here to stay and to slay.


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Shane really wanted to create a unique, yet wearable line. In addition to crazy eyeshadow colors, he gave the line a little twist with nude and metallic liquid lipsticks that mainly consist of pinks and reds. While the energetic red Are You Filming creates more of a dramatic look, the shade Oh My God is an every-day kinda pink. If you’re not the type of gal that’s hugely into colored lips, the collection includes The Gloss- a sheer lip moment we live for.

Of course, the collaboration includes accessories like make-up bags and the iconic pig hand-mirrors. Hi, how are ya, we’re ready for the launch.

While Morphe committed to 350,000 and 500,000 Mini Controversy and Conspiracy eyeshadow palettes and 90,000 liquid lipsticks, Jeffree Star Cosmetics planned to order between 250,000 and 300,000 of both the Conspiracy and Controversy palettes, making it their biggest launch to date.

Despite the big numbers, there’s no doubt that the collection will sell out within hours. So get ready for the launch on November 1st at 10AM PST / 1PM EST on jeffreestarcosmetics.com, boys and girls.

First come, first serve!

(images via Shane Dawson's Twitter)

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