See Through The Hype: Moss's Dress On The Block!

A bid for legacy.


Fashion history aficionados and fans of the supermodel era have a unique opportunity to own a piece of sartorial history. A dress that pays homage to the legendary sheer dress worn by Kate Moss is set for auction, courtesy of Kerry Taylor Auctions in London. 

The Dress and Its Legacy

Kate Moss wore the original Liza Bruce lamé slip dress to the Elite Model Agency party for the Look of the Year Contest at the Hilton Hotel, London, in September 1993. The garment for auction is a lookalike of this iconic piece, recently discovered in a former Liza Bruce employee's loft, sparking excitement among fashion circles for its historical significance and rarity.

The auctioned piece is believed to be one of only three such dresses ever made, with another residing in the prestigious collection of the V&A Museum. Its discovery offers a rare glimpse into a pivotal fashion era and the creative synergy that defined it. Estimated to fetch between 200 and 300 pounds (approximately between $248 and $372), the dress represents a tangible connection to a moment when fashion, photography, and celebrity culture converged to create something truly memorable.

A fascinating aspect of this fashion legacy involves Kate Moss's daughter, Lila Moss, who elegantly brought her mother's iconic style to a new generation. At The Fashion Awards 2023, Lila Moss paid homage to her mother's iconic sheer dress moment from 1993 by wearing a dress designed by Nensi Dojaka that was inspired by the original. This act of sartorial tribute not only highlights the timeless appeal of the sheer fashion trend but also underscores the enduring influence of Kate Moss's fashion choices across decades.

The Story Behind the Sheer

The sheer dress worn by Moss has become a symbol of the '90s fashion revolution, embodying the era's flirtation with transparency and provocation. Selected by photographer Corinne Day and stylist Melanie Ward for Moss's first Vogue shoot in June 1993, the dress, though ultimately not used in the shoot, found its moment of glory at the Elite party. Moss's decision to wear the dress, coupled with the unintended sheer effect created by photographers' flashes, cemented its place in fashion.

Reflecting on the incident, Moss shared that the dress's transparency took her by surprise, revealing the unpredictable interplay between garment, wearer, and observer that can elevate a piece to iconic status.

Beyond the Dress

The auction also features other noteworthy items, including Moss’s actual T-shirt on the cover of i-D Magazine in June 2004, with an estimated value of 400 to 600 pounds (translates to about $496 to $744). 

Additionally, the sale offers an array of vintage pieces from illustrious houses such as Chanel, Christian Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent, among others. 

Quick, what do you say—should we make a bid before it's too late?