Scared To Get A Brow Lift?

We got you covered!


Celebrities have appeared in recent years with lifted brows, but the debate has always been about whether it was a treatment or just a makeup trick. Bella Hadid, Ariana Grande, and Lady Gaga have all been speculated to have had work done on their eyebrows.

It seems that many people are also interested in getting these results. There are a variety of treatments available to obtain the desired look, including PDO threads. Incorrectly performing this procedure can be painful, uneven, and swollen, making it one of the more drastic and dangerous procedures. 

Getting an eyebrow lift with Botox would be a great alternative to this. At first, the results are subtle, but they can later be enhanced to fit your style. Using this technique, you can achieve a similar fox eye effect with a natural feel.

Our recommendation is that you receive treatment from a qualified and experienced doctor in order to minimize dangerous risks. 

Dr. Deena is highly recommended. She is a qualified dentist and aesthetician, and she offers natural-looking, yet impactful results.

She is currently based at Perivale in West London. 

Additionally, Dr. Deena offers Anti-wrinkle treatments, Lip fillers, Cheek fillers, Tear-through fillers, Non-surgical rhinoplasty, and Profhilo. Check out her website here


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