Say Hello To The Cluttercore Aesthetic

Or wave goodbye if you’re a minimalist.


The internet has a new aesthetic to offer, ‘cluttercore,’ a trend that’s best described as Marie Kondo’s worst nightmare. Not to be mistaken for cottagecore, which is something else entirely, cluttercore is, well, exactly what it sounds like — rooms full of clutter.

Whilst the aesthetic is pretty broad, TikTokers have given us a glimpse into their cluttercore rooms which generally tend to include many (often dead) plants, kitschy items, random/plain-obscure ornaments, lots of framed pictures and posters, and a s**t ton of plushies.

Don’t be mistaken though, the aesthetic is not to be confused with hoarding. The difference being, cluttercore rooms are a self-described, ‘organized mess’ of items that owners appreciate and want to show off in a considered way. Cluttercore is not an aesthetic for your lazy housemates to claim, try as they might.

Taking a virtual walk around these rooms, it’s easy to understand the hype around cluttercore. Bedrooms are typically colorful, quirky, full of personality, and honestly, super creative. Still, if filling your room with doll heads and intestine mirrors doesn’t appeal to you, there’s always trusty minimalism to fall back on. ‘I’ll stick to my one plant, thanks,’ says Marie Kondo…probably.

Images by Mikoto, Retha Ferguson, Ketut Subiyanto 

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