Saltburn: A Cinematic Nostalgia Trip through Facebook's Golden Era

Sophie Canale's costume magic.


Let’s embark on a nostalgic journey through Saltburn's aesthetic by taking a brief stroll down the memory lane of Facebook's golden era. Picture mood boards filled with snapshots from raucous college parties and extravagant dinner gatherings; this, my friends, encapsulates the essence of Saltburn. 

Sophie Canale, the brilliant costume designer behind the film, intriguingly labels the project as a "period piece." While Saltburn may not align with traditional knight-in-armour or Victorian-era cinema, its 2006 fashion becomes a captivating visual narrative. It exudes flamboyant glamour, tinged with an intriguing touch of edginess.

In the words of Fennell, "The less you dress up, the richer you are." This philosophy manifests through Jacob Elordi's character, Felix Catton, who effortlessly pulls off a minimalist yet chic ensemble—a plain Ralph Lauren button-up elegantly paired with relaxed, baggy jeans.

On the flip side, Barry Keoghan's character, Oliver Quick, epitomizes the alternative noughties look with playful choices, like an animal print shirt borrowed, perhaps mischievously, from Dad's closet.

The women of the film, all members of the Catton family, embody wealth through their extravagant yet undeniably cool ensembles. Shimmer, sequins, and glitter abound, especially during Oliver's party scenes. One might ponder if this abundance of sparkle serves as a deliberate divergence from the darkness that looms over the family that fateful night (no spoilers, rest assured!).

Emerald Fennell's triumph lies in transforming a seemingly out-of-fashion, not quite vintage look into something contemporary and alluring. The resurgence of low-waist jeans and a clean aesthetic in recent years aligns seamlessly with Saltburn's distinctive charm. After all, who declared that a touch of trashiness can't be utterly fabulous?