Run, Don't Walk: Goodwill is Now Selling Ancient Roman Relics

Texas resident finds 2,000 year old Roman bust during one of her trips to her local Goodwill.


Thrifting is always exciting. Sometimes, you'll even be lucky enough to score some designer pieces. Austin, Texas resident Laura Young was browsing through her local Goodwill when she found a bust for sale priced at $34.99.

She later discovered that her thrift find wasn't some average find, but rather an ancient Roman bust that dated back 2,000 years. After researching, Young found out that what she thought would be a good living room decoration, was actually a part of the Bavarian king's art collection from the 19th century, before it got stolen during World War II.

Young said she was looking for something different and unique on her trip to Goodwill that day, so there was no reason not to purchase the bust; she called it a "bargain at $35". Young worked as a dealer of vintage and antique goods, so when she saw the piece, she knew it had to be valuable.

The San Antonio Museum of Art decided to put the sculpture on display this week, next to an acknowledgment to Young for re-discovering the piece at Goodwill on Far West Boulevard after it had been lost for over 80 years.

Sadly, Young was unable to sell the bust and fulfill the dream of any person who finds a 'luxurious' piece on their trip to Goodwill. The ancient sculpture will soon be returned to the Bavarian Government after sitting above Young's living room cupboard for the last 3 and a half years.

Young's lawyer said that the bust was most likely brought back to the United States by an American soldier after the war. Therefore, Goodwill was unable to trace its origin, leading it to be rightfully returned to Germany. Young later received a "finder's fee", to which her lawyer refused to disclose.

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