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Rihanna’s ‘Private Loving’ Has Fans In A Frenzy

We Can’t Breathe. Can you?


Three years after the release of ‘Anti’, Rihanna is ready to drop some new tracks and, to say fans are delighted is an understatement. However, the ‘Wild Thoughts’ singer has definitely not been sitting back since her last album release in January 2016. Instead, the mogul has conquered new territory; creating her FENTY empire, which includes FENTY Beauty and Savage X Fenty lingerie. Through FENTY, RiRi has become the first woman and the first person of color at the helm of an LVMH Brand. “Just get ready for work, work, work, work, work, work.” Well, I guess, she wasn’t kidding around.

Now, it seems, Rihanna is set to return to music, as a new track called ‘Private Loving’ has been registered with BMI and was shared on Twitter via a Rihanna fan account. Following the Tweet, the fan account reached out to songwriters Monique Lawz and DeMarco Da Don who are both credited on the track. Lawz’ response to the Tweet, “I CAN’T BREATH!!!” was the confirmation the Rihanna Navy needed to lose their minds. 

The Tweet has since been deleted…curious, but are we surprised? Not really, considering the shroud of mystery that surrounds the superstar’s every move. Lest we forget, in December 2018 when a fan asked the singer on Insta when she would be dropping a new album and RiRi replied with merely: “2019.” RiRi knows how much we want this and she is slowly letting the pieces of the puzzle come together.

Since then, a screenshot of DeMarco’s reply to a fan’s questions has also been dissected to no end. The fans now believe they have all the proof they need to squeal with glee: “R9 is on the way!” Despite all the speculation, neither Rihanna nor either songwriter has officially confirmed the track. The suspense is all too much. DeMarco sums up our feelings perfectly in one word: “Maddd!”

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