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Rihanna Pushes Boundaries With First Fenty Campaign Featuring 67-Year-Old Model JoAni Johnson

Age is just a number.


Rihanna made moves in the beauty industry in 2017 with Fenty Beauty, the range that challenged beauty expectations and included 40 foundation shades for every makeup lover. There was no stopping the singer-turned-entrepreneur as she began a movement in the beauty industry now known as the ‘Fenty Effect’. 

Next for Rihanna was her lingerie line, Savage x Fenty, which recently expanded its collection and like Fenty Beauty continued to promote body diversity and positivity. Savage x Fenty lingerie comes in a wide-ranging size selection, with the garments being promoted and models by bodies of every shape, color, and size.



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Now – Fenty Maison. Rihanna’s recent venture into luxury fashion has taken the fashion world by storm and will likely be promoting wider discussion on the place of body diversity in luxury fashion, an industry known for its lack of inclusivity. She may be the first woman of color at the forefront of a European luxury fashion house but it’s her sheer talent for single-handedly transforming the beauty and fashion industries into more inclusive places that set her apart. Fenty Maison goes to an American size 14, not the most diverse as Rihanna herself notes, but a step in the right direction for an industry that favors a smaller size.

Not only is she promoting body diversity in terms of color, but Rihanna is also proving age is just a number when it comes to fashion as she casts 67-year-old JoAni Johnson as a model for her first campaign. Johnson can be spotted in the teaser video, sporting a white, hooded jacket. Fenty Maison also features a male model rocking a checked-anorak amidst a sea of diverse female models.

 Be it through her Fenty Beauty range, Savage x Fenty or her new luxury Fenty fashion range with Fenty Maison Rihanna is always pushing boundaries. Rihanna is bringing the much-needed inclusivity into the fashion sphere and we are totally here for it. 


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