Rihanna Teaches Us A Little Bit About Love As She Talks About Her Bae

Try not to cry at the cuteness.


Rihanna gave us the ultimate relationship goals as she gushed about her bae Hassan Jameel in an interview for Interview magazine. The singer-turned-entrepreneur was first spotted kissing her recent love in Ibiza in 2017 but has kept things hush-hush since.

Now we know how serious the pair are since Rihanna confessed her love for the billionaire, saying ‘Of course I am’. Goals or what?  They would make a major power couple as Rihanna makes moves in the fashion world and Hassan runs his business. You might be questioning how the pair can have time to nurture their relationship as they are both busy people – well Rihanna has the answer. Looking after your own mental health and ‘making time for yourself’ is what Rihanna sees as most important. After all, if you can cope on your own, you can’t take anyone else on into your life. Saying ‘my career is my purpose’ shows us that being a girl boss is RiRi’s ultimate goal, and her relationship is all the better for it. Rihanna makes time for her relationship by putting personal days into her diary which she can spend working on herself. 

Being in the spotlight means all eyes, and opinions, can be on Rihanna’s relationship but she doesn’t let this get the better of her. The girl boss says she ‘always had pretty rough skin’ which is down to her parents not sheltering her and teaching her what life is going to be like. So RiRi doesn’t care what the haters have to say about her relationship, she knows they are strong and evidently puts time and effort into her relationship.

So, we hear you asking, is a marriage on the cards? Not yet, but maybe at some point. ‘Only God knows that, girl’ Rihanna stated, ‘We plan and God laughs, right’? It seems the pair may have discussed marriage, but perhaps we won’t be hearing wedding bells just yet. 


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