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Fizzy Mag Exclusive: 70’s Vibe Queen Rebecca Hearn Produces T.Soomian’s Can’t Hold My Love Music Video

A classical lustful tale told in tortoise shell frames with a Cali vibe beat.


You might remeber our Rebecca Hearn Interview, the Queen of 35mm whose craziest production involved “a few snakes, a haunted mansion and two babes sandwiching a DJ resembling Iggy Pop”. A year later from when we featured the film queen she’s killing it with another production, a little tamer this time. 

Step into a late 70's rom com, a story of lustful admiration told by Hearn, directed by Eddie Obran and music by LA native and indie psych rock musician T.Soomian. A combination of creative geniuses for the Can’t Hold My Love music video. Sit back and feel Cali guitar riffs surge through your body as T.Soomian’s vocals carry you to a higher plain. 

The music video is a 70’s colorful explosion muted down in a tortoise shell haze. It’s Hearns 35mm vintage eye and her flair for the 70’s theatrics that has earned her a fierce reputation around the LA creatives scene. She showcases a story of a nostalgic love, before the emergence of social media and mobile phones. A some what love letter to the simpler times where a John Travolta Saturday Night Fever Stand off dance won the affection of your hearts desire. The protagonists hearts desire is an Olivia Newton John Let’s get physical character played by wellness guru and actress Paige Elkington, ethereal in her 70’s spotlight. 

It would be interesting to see what else is in store for T.Soomian’s music videos from his long anticipated EP Love Relief. The LA Native creative infers that the EP will have a similar vibe: “The songs will have a similar sound, not veering too far off at all from the groovy, late 70s dad pop porno music". Will Hearn make another appearance with her 70’s eye and aesthetics?

T.Soomian oozes that LA vibe of cool yet understated, yet I am doing my own thing spirituality. He enlisted his old neighbor as his director, with a dumpster TV he found also making a cameo in the video. The TV is not just a TV, it created the collaboratively beautiful friendship: 

"My neighbor at the time Eddie (director) spotted an old tv I found by a dumpster years ago in my garage. We got to talking, and he kindly asked if he could use it for a shoot. We became friends, shared similar music interests...The tv can be seen in the video by the way, it's during my parts in the chorus”.

Soomian’s vibe is French 70’s Pop brought on by influences from travels abroad. He is playful, his music a hypnotizing chill session. The artist wants to “provide fun for people...bringing people together and getting drunk”. 

Whether it’s an alcoholic drunk or a music drunk. Soomian’s EP is set launch for the ultimate 2018 summer cool vibe. He is now working on an album set to be released in 2019. 

Check out the producer Rebecca Hearn’s Interview with us!