Ready To Turn Your Side Hustle Into Your Main Hustle?

Side hustles don’t need to stay behind the scenes forever.


Today we delve into the beauty of side hustles, with advice from a three-time business founder and side hustle guru, Alexa Von Tobel. She’s written for Vogue, explaining her tips on how to turn your side hustle into your career.

One in two Millennials have a side hustle as NY Post reported a couple years back- that figure has only intensified. Whether selling things online, creating an app or starting a business, millennials are grinding away at nights and weekends to turn their passion to reality.

When it comes to ‘taking the side hustle leap’, even if your business is publicly succeeding, the risk can still be overwhelming. Here are some of our fave tips from Alexa Von Tobel:

First and foremost, do a gut check: Are you ready to think about your business 24/7? Is this a fleeting passion or something you can commit to full-time?

Your gut’s telling you to go for it? Perfect! Now write your business plan. The more pages the better. Include every tiny bit of research - your goals, what shape the market is in, finance - anything you can think of to prove you know your stuff.

Ask for feedback. Read your business plan and gain valuable feedback from the business wizards that surround you. Use your peers for all they’re worth!

Build your personal financial plan. How will you fund your business? Von Tobel states ‘remember, raising your first few dollars is the hardest—you’re taking an idea in your head and making it real.’

What an epic feeling.


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