Why You’re Probably Part Of The Work Burnout Culture

What is burnout culture and what can we do about it?


Conversations on mental health are being openly acknowledged on social media platforms and IRL, with more support being available than ever before. As a generation, we are focusing on how to better our mental health, whether it’s by meditating at home or going to the gym before work… But what about the work itself?

As a generation of multi-taskers, we can often find it difficult to achieve a work/life balance. Being reachable all the time through our phones and social media platforms has plugged us into alert 24/7 – we live for the job; we never switch off… Welcome to burnout culture. Even when you’re watching a programme on Netflix, how many times do you scroll over Instagram at the same time? Small habits like that can affect the way we think and the way that we work. Creating a small sense of order and focus to use in your daily routine can often help us to have a much clearer mindset and focus on the bigger picture in hand. 

A recent study from the Harvard Business Review found that half of all Millenials and 75% of Gen-Z have voluntarily left their careers due to mental health reasons. Feeling overwhelmed or drained in the workplace can make it tough to do the easiest of tasks, so feeling like you need to do five things at once to feel productive isn’t the most sensible way to tackle your to do list.

Lacking a sense of purpose or importance in the workplace can make it difficult to feel motivated at all. Therefore, if your job is beginning to affect your mental health, don’t wait until the day you have a breakdown to quit. Our society takes so many preventative measures to keep up our wellbeing, so why not do the same thing with your job? Having a job that gives you a sense of purpose and fulfilment can really boost your overall mentality, you’ll probably see different aspects of your life pick up too. If getting a new job is unrealistic to you, getting some sort of side hustle can often be a great way to build distraction in your life that is making you feel more productive. You never know, maybe your side hustle could be such a success that it turns into your full-time career. 


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