Rapper Megan Thee Stallion Speaks On Being A Black Woman In America

“Protect black women should not be controversial.”


In an article for the New York Times titled “Why I speak up for black women” Huston rapper Megan The Stallion uses her voice once more, not to rap new catchy lyrics but to open up about her experiences of living as a black woman in America.

Following the incident in July where Tory Lanez allegedly shot Megan, many were quick to accuse Megan of lying and made jokes about the incident. Megan was quick to clap back echoing the words of human rights activist Malcom X who said black women were the most unprotected in society. 


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Although she has remained mostly silent until now she is now speaking up. In her article with the New York Times she gives further details about her traumatic experience and highlights how violence towards black women is a result of the objectification they face.

She also discusses the judgment she and fellow celebrities such Serena Williams face for just being curvy and explained that she is often accused of dressing for the attention of the male gaze.

She also made the comment  “protect black women should not be controversial”.In response to Tennessee attorney general Daniel Cameron and his office’s decision to not find Breonna Taylor’s killers guilty of murder. Although Megan’s campaign to highlight the injustices black women face may not change the world, it is a start to a conversation that has been silenced for too long. 

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