Quick And Healthy Snacks You Can Cook In An Instant Pot

Create some tasty and nourishing snacks to eat throughout the whole day.


Instant pots are a wonderfully useful kitchen tool for not just creating great hot meals but also creating quick and easy snacks for the whole family.

Using simple and easy to buy ingredients and with little effort you can create some tasty and nourishing snacks to eat throughout the whole day.

Let's take a look at some ideas to help inspire you.


Breakfast Meatballs

If you are a fan of eating meat for breakfast then creating some breakfast meatballs will be right up your street.

They are simple and easy to cook using your instant pot and all you need is some good quality mince meat, to create the meatballs, and herbs of your choice to flavour them with.

Using your instant pot to create this breakfast time snack is simple and quick, so you do not need to worry about pre cooking or pre preparing them the night before. 

This type of morning snack is sure to set you up the right way and keep you filled up until lunchtime.

Boiled Peanuts

If you're looking for a real quick and easy snack which you can eat on the go then look no further than boiled peanuts. 

Using your instant pot to boil your peanuts to give them an extra yummy taste is really quick and easy, which makes this the perfect daytime snack to keep you going in between meals.

There are some great recipes to be found for Instant Pot boiled peanuts on the internet so have a quick search on google to discover some amazing recipes which you can then replicate with your instant pot at home.

Soft And Hard Boiled Eggs

The great thing about using your instant pot to cook your eggs is that there are so many different ways to make your eggs, all of which can be done with your instant pot at home.

Whether you like your eggs hard or soft boiled, this can be done with ease and in quick time, which makes them the perfect quick and easy snack.

Home Made Soup Everybody loves a nice hot soup on a cold winter day, but many people just can't be bothered with the time and effort it takes to prepare their soup.

Using an instant pot to make your soup can really speed up that process and using varied ingredients you could make endless different styles of soup.

Depending on the size of your instant pot, you should be able to cook soup for the whole family, and with the larger variations you can also batch cook the soup which you can then reheat at a later date. Doing this is perfect for those with little time throughout the working week.


Making yoghurt with your instant pot is so quick and easy and you can create some amazing flavoured yoghurt that works with breakfast cereal or can be eaten by itself.

Again you could also batch make a lot of yoghurt which you can then use throughout the working week, to save you on time and effort having to daily make more.

Adding flavours such as strawberry, cinnamon and honey to name just a few will give your yoghurt that special twist which the whole family should enjoy, so get creative with your flavours and try different variations out.

Other Snack Ideas The above are just a few snack ideas that you could create with your instant pot but there are so many more different recipes which you can find online some of which contain superfoods.

You can also try and create your own recipes and creations by using all sorts of ingredients to make unique snacks for your household.


Instant Pot Meals

As well as making wonderful snacks, the main use of the instant pot is to help you create warm hearty varied meals.

As you can cook all manner of ingredients with your instant pot including all styles of meat, including frozen meat, eggs, potatoes to name just a few, you are able to create pretty much any form of meal your taste buds desire.

It's also possible to make wonderful desserts with your instant pot including cheesecake, chocolate cake and yogurt as well as many others. This makes it an extremely useful device to have in your kitchen.

How Much Do Instant Pots Cost?

The prices can really vary from brand to brand and also depending on the size of your chosen instant pot. But you can expect to pay anywhere from one hundred pounds to four hundred pounds. 

Although the cheaper machines will work just as well as the more expensive brands, obviously the more pricier models come with extra added features and gadgets that may be useful for your cooking style.

Make sure to hop around online to find the best priced and most suited instant pot for your needs as there are bargains to be had if you have the time and patience to search them out.


Are Instant Pots Worth It?

Although this depends on your cooking habits and lifestyle, most people would agree purchasing an instant pot is most definitely worth it in the long run.

Due to the many ways you can use them to cook your food there are so many different variations of snacks and meals you can create with them. They are extremely versatile to cook with as well as easy to use to help prepare things quickly.

With cheaper models being relatively inexpensive there is no reason not to have one in your kitchen, especially if you enjoy eating and preparing varied meals.

To Sum Up

You may have purchased your instant pot to help you create some great food for meal times, but don't forget there are many wonderful varied snacks you can also create with them.

Trial and error is the key to discovering new flavorsome snacks that you could create for the whole family, so don't be boring with your ingredient choices, be adventurous with your instant pot cooking.

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