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3 Superfoods That Will Change Your Life

Boost your life with the healing power of superfoods


Winter is knocking at your door but you don’t feel like crawling out of your warm bed? Ehm, tbh we don't either.  What you’re probably missing though is that nature has a super power -and nope, it’s not money-growing trees, it's superfoods. 

But what’s so super about them? 
Well, they’re the exactly what your body craves, as they’re full of health-boosting vitamins, proteins and fibers. They also leave you feeling satifsied and fuller for longer.
And these are our favs:


Ok, we’re all fans of this delicious fruit (yes it's a fruit!), but naughtiness aside, did you know avocado is packed full of omega-3?
This creamy little dude is a real energy-booster, holding up to 4 grams of protein. Thanks to 20 different vitamins, potassium and anti-inflammatory properties, you can count on this guy to start your day off right. 

Psst… Try our fav combo of poached eggs and avo toast. Eggs are also protein-packed meaning this a great breakfast combination for all the gym bunnies out there. You’re welcome.


Let’s face it, before superfoods became a trend, we all thought seeds were just for birds. Then came the Kardashians and, voilà! 
Instagram quickly became clogged with fancy-ass salads full of chia, pumpkin and other seeds you’ve only spotted in pet shops up until now. 
But guess what; seeds are abundant in healthy fats (omega-3), minerals and proteins, they're known to promote the healthy growth of hair and nails as well as being packed full of nutrients that benefit your skin. Don't be fooled by their size!

Toast them in olive oil for a crunchy snack or tasty salad topper.


Matcha is known all over the internet for being photogenic but it actually dates back to ancient Japan, where meditative tea drinking ceremonies would take place. It is said that matcha calms the mind and relaxes the body so it's no mystery why it made its way to the western world, where we're enthralled with over-thinking! 

Beyond this though, matcha is not just one dimensional. Its health benefits are wondrous and it's incredibly rich in antioxidants. 

Try adding matcha to protein shakes as it boosts the metabolism and burns calories. Thus making a perfect remedy to enhance weight loss. 


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