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Oatly’s New Mural Receives Icy Reception

The plant-based drinks brand has been instructed to remove their new ice cream advert.


Swedish plant-based drinks brand, Oatly, have been instructed to remove their latest mural, which was revealed in Brighton this week, as they have not been given permission by Brighton and Hove City Council. The giant advert is painted on the side of a commercial building situated at 2 Gardner Street and reads ‘Go Ahead, Eat Like A vegan.’ It comes as part of a campaign promoting the brands new luxury dairy-free ice cream range. Oatly have responded saying they applied for permission for the advert back in July, however, the council argued that the permission was never granted. 

This news comes a few days after another of the brands murals was instructed to be covered up only 36 hours after it was painted. The advert reading ‘From Oatly With Love Handles’ appeared across from a school in Stoke Newington and was quickly removed as it promoted a high sugar product and was also situated in a conservation area. 

Oatly have until December 16th to remove the Brighton mural and, amid the controversy, have certainly made sure we’re all aware of their new range. Dairy-free ice cream anyone? 

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