Princess Diana Walked So We Could Run

Can we thank the iconic princess for taking away the 'shame' of mental illness?


Netflix Original ‘The Crown’ has come back to our screens for a fourth season. This season mainly takes place through the 1980s. During this era, Diana is welcomed into the royal family and becomes the Princess of Wales.

At times the season can be hard to watch, with some episodes having a trigger warning at the start. It’s these upsetting scene’s that bring to life the real secrets behind the walls at Buckingham Palace. 

Princess Diana was and still is, seen as an icon across the world. She is remembered for many things: her fashion, her charity work, her children, her death. But what often goes unnoticed is her bravery.

Throughout her adult life, she suffered from various mental health illnesses which include an eating disorder. During a time where mental health was kept quiet, Diana publicly spoke about her struggles. She was not shameful for her illness but thankful she was recovering. It’s this single act of courage that possibly changed the stigma surrounding mental illness in Britain. Having someone from the royal family talk about mental health so openly may have helped millions who were suffering in silence. The people adored Diana.

Emma Corrin, who played Princess Diana, said shooting the rawer scenes were tough but it was important to portray them accurately whilst also not glorifying them.

Of course, we must wait for season five to see the events of the 90s unfold, which include her untimely death. Elizabeth Debicki is set to play Princess Diana in the following seasons which are due to be released in 2022.


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