Give Your Phone A Much Needed Makeover With These 10 Cases

Has your phone got dressed today?


According to a number of studies, the average person spends over four hours on their phone per day – FOUR HOURS. That's long enough to read the whole of Frankenstein and reflect upon the monstrosity of our technological reality. Social media might have us by the proverbial balls – keeping us in a constant state of orgasm-without-release, puppeteering our anxieties with read receipts, destroying our self-esteem, distracting us from our ambitions and devaluing our friendships – but we're too addicted to our virtual existences to really care. So, in the spirit of the ol' “if you can't beat 'em, join 'em” adage, if phones are now all but an extension of our bodies, we might as well make them look good.

Give your brick a cosmetic nip 'n' tuck with these ten killer cases.


Lumee Duo Black Marble iPhone 8/7/6/6s Plus Case

If you needed any proof that phones are now our second homes, look no further than this crazy case. It's got it's own lamp – with a fully functioning fuckin' dimmer switch. It was designed with the professional photographer in mind, to give iPhone snaps studio quality lighting at the front and back. You can adjust the setting from bright light to golden hour-style dusk lighting in an instant – the perfect Christmas gift for your self(ie)-obsessed friend.

Shop it here for $70.


Calvin Klein Logo iPhone 7 Case

This characteristically minimal-chic faux-leather phone case by Calvin Klein was built with clumsy people in mind, in a protective hard shell style.

Shop it here for $36.


adidas Originals Basic Logo iPhone 8/7/6/6s Case

As stylish and durable as the brand's sneaks, this basic adidas Originals logo case will match your sportswear perfectly – which is ideal, since you live in that too.

Shop it here for $34.


Mood Ring Thermochromic iPhone 6/6s/7/8 Case

Holy shit – this thermochromatic case is actually incredible. Who doesn't want to be reminded of '90s mood rings? Hopefully it's a little more responsive to temperature though – who else was permanently stuck on a sickly yellow-green?

Shop it here for $26.99.


Gucci Logo iPhone 7/8 Case

If this phone case was an IRL person, it would be the most extra person in the room. If that's you, then look no further – you've found your soul mate. This grippy rubber Gucci case in hot pink will expertly protect your phone from any bumps and bruises.

Shop it here for $170.92


Sonix Luxe Marble Quartz iPhone X Case

This hard shell plastic phone case features the dreamiest marbled design. Now all you have to do is work out how da fuq to achieve the same look on your nails.

Shop it here for $45.


Stella McCartney Glittered iPhone® 7 case

Stella McCartney scores 100 percent in the whimsical stakes with this emoji-esque silicone ghost case – the perfect match for your dating fickleness.

Shop it here for $88.


Off-White Black Diagonal iPhone 7 Case

It's by Off-White? You don't sayyy. This synthetic case features the brand's signature industrial stripe and varsity logo.

Shop it here for $70.


NSCO Hello: I'm Here iPhone Case

The phone case that makes an entrance for you – pretty useful since your phone is always obscuring your face, and you'd rather not communicate with real people any more than is necessary.

Shop it here for $30.


Velvet iPhone 6/6s Case

An easy way to jump on fall/winter's big trend, this hardcover case is wrapped in velvet. Ergonomic.

Shop it here for $14.


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Top and Preview image via Instagram @alicerobino @jessranger