ENECTA Offers Hope For Menstrual Pain

Everything you need to know about CBD, a natural alternative to painkillers.


Have you ever heard a patronising comment, socially disguised as banter: “She must be on her period”? Most, definitely, it came from someone who has never menstruated. Nobody should make those comments ever again.

First of all, they’re sexist, offensive and just rude. Second, even if we are fragile, we have a perfect right to because we are in pain. Almost 90% of women, aged 16-90, suffer from period cramps. And every month, we ask the same question: how can we make it stop??

Why are painkillers not the best option?
They come with nasty side effects, they are addictive and they relieve menstrual cramps only temporarily - by reducing the production of prostaglandin. While we become low-key dependent on nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) such as ibuprofen, the pharmaceutical industry rubs its hands. 

What is CBD?
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural alternative to painkillers. According to a clinical study, CBD has a similar effect of inhibiting the production of prostaglandin. It’s doesn’t involve any chemicals and it doesn’t cause side effects.

How does CBD work? 
The mode of action of CBD can be divided into four levels. It’s anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and muscle/vascular relaxing. It desensitizes pain nerves while calming neighboring pain receptors. It also increases blood flow, relieves stress and reduces painful cramps. Additionally, CBD can enhance relaxation, improve mood and regulate sleep.

What form of CBD is recommended?
ENECTA recommends taking CBD capsules, which are similar to vitamin supplements. They are made exclusively from natural ingredients such as hemp seed oil. They are easy to dose and quick to swallow.

How much should be taken?
ENECTA recommends 10% CBD capsules with 33.6mg CBD per capsule. However, they have different dosage available on their offer. 


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What do we know about CBD so far?
The research has only started because so far, male-dominated medicine wasn’t particularly interested in female-specific diseases. But the world is changing and our drugs are changing too. Together we can rewrite the rules – maybe not always, but at least sometimes.

Give yourself a gift, try CBD capsules offered by ENECTA and listen to your body.  

More information about CBD and menstrual cramps can be found on @enecta_de and the ENECTA blog.


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