“That’s Hot”: Cashing In on Nostalgia

Paris Hilton’s New Range of Velour is Making up For Lost Time


Paris Hilton reclaimed her early 2000’s crown this week by releasing a vibrant collection of velour tracksuits. She snatched the throne from Kim Kardashian, her former personal assistant, who released a velour line in 2021. But, honestly, Paris' line looks much more authentic to the time, just saying. So, if you’ve ever wanted to feel like the camera flashes are right outside your door, and any bush within a five-mile radius could be a paparazzi, this is for you. These suits demand attention, arriving in baby pink, sky blue, inky black, bridal white, and firetruck red, there’s something for the Mean Girl in everyone. The collection sold out extremely fast, but do not worry, this is just the precursor to her full collection launch in June.


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    The velour is gorgeous with its’ color shift and so is the sparkle, Paris looks as incredible as ever, mini dog in hand, and I get the escapism I need to justify a Juicy Couture price range purchase 20 years after I should have. The passionate red version offers something different, not the tight cropped hoodie we’ve always seen riding up above exposed hipbones and low-waisted bottoms, but something more creative. Star appliques for your inner star power truly make slouchy sexy. Besides her own taglines, she offers phrases that give that sense of female empowerment we need from the icon who captivated the world at 15, built herself into a major businesswoman, and only continued to succeed with many a hater praying for her downfall. Let us remember the treatment of women in the spotlight during the peak of her fame, and allow her the grace of being able to use the phrase “Boss Babe,” without cringing. We can only hope for a UGG collaboration and some rhinestone trucker hats to follow. 



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The suits are bedazzled with phrases like, “Icon,” and “That’s hot,” a phrase I stole from The Simple Life and continue to use today. We may be far away from the times of blue frosted eyeshadow and concealer for lipstick, but for some reason, we cannot escape the sort of sexy sort of trashy look of the early millennium. Hilton’s collection strikes while the iron is hot, as many fashion lines release contemporary versions of Y2K aesthetic. Rehashing the past could not come at a better time, as our lives currently are not the adulthoods we all imagined having. Not only has the fashion come back around, so has the culture, revivals of TV shows and remakes of movies from the time are rampant as well. We are all looking for a way to go back to our childhood, and live out those fantasies we saw Paris live in the tabloids, and Regina George on screen. 

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