Street Style Obsession: Outfit Of The Day And Where To Shop It

Killing the cozy game.


Today's outfit of the day by fashion editor Stephanie Broek is the kind of cozy-girl streetwear cool we'd have no problem wearing every goddam fall day. Throwing one of our favorite oversized teddy bear jackets over a hoodie and flared trackies, this laid-back outfit looks as warm as it is stylish. A pair of her signature statement sunnies and a glow of attitude are the only accessories she needs.



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Want to steal Stephanie's style? Check out all the must-have pieces below.

Neon Rose Teddy Crombie Winter Coat

Reminiscent of the dandy jackets of '60s and '70s rock 'n' roll, this snugly double-breasted teddy bear coat by Neon Rose is a stylish cold-weather savior. Simultaneously smart and casual it can be both dressed up and dressed down – everything you need in a staple outerwear piece.

Shop it here for $159.


Marc Jacobs Runway Track Pants

These luxe track pants by Marc Jacobs conjure up some pretty awesome mental images. You know, leggy models with big '70s curls and sweatbands pacing it around the sports track, trying not to trip over their flares on the way to the finish line, winners in style rather than time... Hey, hit us up if you fancy letting us organize your next fashion show, Marc Jacobs. We love the classic burgundy colorway and chic go-faster stripes.

Shop them here for $495.


ASOS WHITE Shasta Premium Patent Leather Heeled Boots

Just a peep of patent beneath your track pant flares is all you need to add an extra something to this look. These premium leather ankle boots by ASOS continue the '70s vibe with an unmistakably retro block heel.

Shop them here for $95.