Our Favorite Sunglasses Trends Of 2022

Prepared for summer.


The summer will bring us a lot and that is why you definitely need a few sunglasses. From the most beautiful summer jacket trends to the most beautiful bikini and hair color trends: we can't get enough of it. This time it's the sunglasses' turn: which ones will dominate in 2022? To make it a little easier for you, we have compiled an overview of the most beautiful women's sunglasses trends for 2022, so that you are completely prepared for summer. Scroll down quickly for the most beautiful trends and make sure that you use them when you are buying new sunglasses. 

Colored lenses 

The 70's and 90's have been making a comeback for some time now: this will also be reflected in the sunglasses trends of 2022. The sunglasses with colored lenses promise to be a big hit, with the yellow lenses in particular doing well. They are something different than your standard sunglasses! Be sure to buy them after you have selected an internet subscription at one of the many different available internet providers

Cat eye

The cat eye sunglasses are back. We have seen him appear more and more in the streets lately in all kinds of different versions - from razor-sharp to flattened corners. Particularly popular in the 50s, it promises to become one of the most popular models in 2022 as well. This summer we will mainly see it with dark glasses, possibly in combination with tortoise, a leopard pattern or in plain and transparent colors. Little tip: these cat eye sunglasses look best if you have an elongated or oval face, because they make your face slightly wider.


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Transparent frames

With a transparent frame you are sure to make a statement, just like style icon Rihanna. Go for a simple colorless copy or go crazy and go for a cheerfully colored copy. Whatever you choose, your frame definitely needs to be transparent as that is one of the biggest sunglasses trends of 2022! Many brands have already designed and developed transparent sunglasses. Wearing them together with your outfit at your next festival is definitely a great idea! 

The bigger, the better

The bigger, the better is the motto for this trend. Big, square glasses are going to do very well this year. Glasses with a straight top and round bottom also do well here. And good news: wearing large sunglasses ensures that your eyes are better protected. That way, less UV rays can penetrate, so you do not have to worry about that anymore, which is, of course, precisely what you want when buying sunglasses. 


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Pastel colors

Pastel colors promise to do very well this year, including in the sunglasses world. This sunglasses trend for 2022 is perfect for when you want to add some color to your summer wardrobe. Especially models with square, large glasses are becoming popular this summer, which, of course, fits with the trend about the bigger, the better that has just been mentioned.