ONYGO Launches It’s First National Campaign With Pop Super-Star Rita Ora

It’s a girls thing.


The collaboration shows once more that ONYGO, with all their broad variety of shoes, apparel and accessories, provides everything the modern-day woman needs to express her own style. 

Cute but bold - hot but not. With this diversely inspired collection British musician, actress and fashion-icon Rita Ora proves to all girls and women out there that being different and being confident makes you a role model to look up to when coming to terms with who you are.

„Rita Ora embodies a level of confidence, creativity and strength that many young women and girls feel inspired by. To be encouraged to be yourself and let nobody bend or break who you are is a very powerful message!”

Sweet but street - loud but proud. Nowadays no one has to identify with just one thing or style, you can be whoever you feel like being according to your mood and gut feeling in that moment – cherish the opportunity to be able to slip into different roles and test yourself out! Girls are allowed to be loud, opinionated, bold, have rough edges… it’s a girls thing!

Shop the new collection here.

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