On Trend: Neon Fashion A/W 2018

We look at the latest trend this fall.


Once associated with 90s acid house, pre-teen outfits we’d rather forget and Cindy Lauper’s questionable outfits in the 1980s, believe it or not, neon has made its revival and has become the forefront of fashion this fall.  

This year, neon hues are hitting the catwalks and high streets in all shades, from venomous green and glaring yellow. Not for the faint hearted, neon can be quite an intimidating color scheme to pull off. There is a fine line between on trend high-fashion and looking like a confused glowstick. 

But how can something that has haunted our wardrobes for decades suddenly become something that can be casually entwined into our daily outfits without looking like we’re a month too early for Halloween?  

If you’d like some inspiration on how to pull off the neon trend, we have selected some signature pieces to complete your fall looks.  
(Caution: sunglasses are advised)  
1. Balenciaga Long Sleeve Shaggy Knit Sweater  

Balenciaga is no stranger to taking risks when it comes to design. This shaggy knit sweater is the perfect neon staple for your wardrobe with its over soft fluffy crew neck and flattering snug fit. Who knew the Grinch would eventually become a fashion icon?  
Shop here for $1050
2. MISBHV Cropped Padded Jacket 

Summer has officially ended. As much as we hate to admit it, leaving the house in nothing but a t-shirt is no longer an option. Coat season is upon us. This cropped padded bomber from MISBHV is a must have wardrobe essential – and it’s waterproof (you can thank us later). 

Shop here for $791 

3. Balenciaga Oversized Cotton-Blend Fleece Hoodie 

One of Balenciaga’s latest releases, this cotton-blend oversized hoodie was created in collaboration with the World Food Programme to support the mission of ending world hunger by 2030. Not only is this hoodie on trend, but it also helps to support a good cause.  

Shop here for $790 

4. Bronze56k Sports Jacket 

Bronze 56k is a perfect example of how skate brands are slowing converging into the world of high fashion. This minimal sports jacket has been carefully designed for fashion and functionality making it a perfect wardrobe staple.  

Shop here for $150 

5. I.AM.GIA Neptune Zipper Windbreaker Jacket 

This piece from I.AM.GIA is neon perfection. Brighten up your hump day, quite literally with this little neon number, with reflective details and unique zips. 

Shop here for $220 

6. Balenciaga Long Sleeve Rib Knit Nylon Sweater 

Balenciaga are having no troubles adapting to this neon trend, unlike the rest of us. This statement jumper is simple but effective and the minimal ribbed detailing makes this piece appear flattering. Balenciaga are ahead of the game this fall. 

Shop here for $895 

7. Bronze 56k Ripstop Satchel  

With all these wardrobe essentials, we can’t neglect accessories. If you want to test the water before you take the neon plunge, this satchel from Bronze 56k is the perfect way to inject some subtle color into your wardrobe.  

Shop here for $39 

8. Adidas Continental 80  

The Adidas Continental 80 has become a streetwear favourite since its release. In the wake of the neon trends, Adidas have joined the bandwagon, releasing the sneaker in a brand new fluorescent yellow colorway, designed to add a pop of color to your look.  

Shop here for $99 
9. Han Kjobenhavn Track Top 

Danish streetwear brand, Han Kjobenhavn, have released their “imperfect sanity” track top this fall. The brand is built on the fundamentals of design, which is reflected in their collections. This track top is made to be used, with simplicity in looks but built with functionality for comfort.  

Shop here for €160 
10. Han Kjobenhavn Track Pants 

Because why not get the matching pants? 
Shop here for €160 
11. Kita x Lazy Oaf Green Cropped Workwear Jacket 

Lazy Oaf have teamed up with Philippines pin-up illustrator, Keeshia Felipe, AKA Kita, for a capsule collection of color block womenswear pieces. This collection includes this cute workwear jacket with love heart detailed pockets with Kita embroidery. Worn oversized, this slouch jacket is minimal but quirky. 
Shop here for £110  

12. Carhartt X Brain Dead Chore Coat 

The latest collaboration from Brain Dead has launched Carhartt WIP core classics into unknown territory. This collection features illustrated graphics, loud colors and exaggerated styling. One stand-out piece from this collaboration is the luminous green chore coat which is infused with bold graphics making it perfect for this fall trend.  
Shop here for £180 
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