Nordstrom Sets The Bar For Other Companies: 100% Of Pay Equity Is Possible

Positive changes are not expensive.


Inclusivity, diversity and gender equality are the hottest topics on the global scene right now and sometimes these 3 words are quite frankly overused by media or by brands to paint themselves in a better light with customers and investors.

Change is always welcomed though and while brands like Gucci and Burberry are hiring global heads of inclusion and diversity and Victoria Secret is finally breaking the rule of no transgender models, Nordstrom goes practical and announces that the company has reached 100% pay equity and almost 100% pay parity for employees of all races and genders.

The very interesting element is that the Seattle-based company stated that making this fundamental change didn’t have a major impact on payroll because only 1% of employees needed the adjustment to reach this value. 

Pay fairness means equal pay for comparable work whereas pay parity refers to gender illustration in any respect ranges of the corporate and sadly enough too many times we come across companies where the gap between genders is absolutely huge and where women to keep their jobs have to compromise some of their fundamental work rights. 

Working proactively to reach equity means that companies are willing to change and bring positive improvement to working conditions for everyone, without differences of any sort. 

Christine Deputy, Nordstrom's CHRO, in a press release, stated the following:

"Paying our people fairly, regardless of gender or race, enables us to deliver on our commitment to an inclusive environment where we can all be ourselves, contribute ideas and do our best work. This is an area that we will continue to invest in and be vigilant on because equality and diversity makes us all stronger”.

We really hope that more and more big corporations will join Nordstrom in order to make sure that no gender, religion, sexual orientation, size or race will be a discriminatory trait for any honest employee not only in America, but anywhere in the world. 


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