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3 Must Have Gucci Headbands For This Christmas

Tis’ the season of giving after all.


When Blair Waldorf made her mark on the Upper East Side headband in tow, we were sold a lie and thought we too could pull off headbands. But unfortunately, not everyone is a Blair Waldorf and headbands have arguably been the hardest accessory to pull off, until now. 

By headbands, we don’t mean the painful plastic Alice bands that we would scrape our hair back with in school, pushing it forward to create what we thought was an elegant bouffant (the noughties were a strange time for fashion weren’t they?). This season headbands have made their comeback with Gucci leading the movement after releasing three very festive accessories. 

If like the rest of us you struggle with trying to make hair accessories look effortlessly cool, take a look at this handpicked selection which are suited to everyone.  


Off-White Logo Headband

This stretch terrycloth headband in off-white is a perfect winter essential. With a minimal color scheme, the Gucci logo is printed in grey and finished off with an all-over tonal stitching making it a subtle accessory. 

Shop here for $270


Off-White & Red Stripe Logo Headband

Next up, we have the off-white and red striped headband. Made with elasticized knit, this headband screams classic Gucci with bold contrasting colorways in green and red. Again, with tonal stitching, this headband is perfect for cold festive winter nights spent ice-skating and drinking mulled wine. 

Shop here for $270


Multicolor Sequin Headband & Wristband Set

Finally, we have the multicolor sequin knit. Paying homage to the 80s the sequin detailing adds vibrancy and is guaranteed to turn heads. Coming in a set of two, this package also includes two sequinned rib knit wristbands in off-white. Again, with multi-coloured sequins, the set brings an 80s aerobics class vibe to the collection. No need for tinsel and glitter with these statement pieces.

Shop here for $980.


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