9 Popular Diamond Cuts To Choose From

Show your love and affection for your loved ones.


Diamonds have been used as a way to show your love and affection for your loved ones, such as giving diamond earrings to your mother or getting down on one knee and proposing to the love of your life. Apart from being emblems of love, in ancient India and the Roman Empire, diamonds were worn for power and good luck. 

These diamonds come in several cut options, with each as stunning as the other. Keep reading to know more about various diamond cuts to choose from.

1. The Round Cut  

The round cut is one of the most popular on this list, especially for wedding rings, earrings, and necklaces. It came about when jewelers attempted to create a cut that had the most facets and shine. Today, the round cut is one of the most used cuts because of its brilliant style. Moreover, the cut allows for a wide variety of setting styles. 

A facet is one side of a many-sided object, most notably a cut gem, stone, or diamond. Cutting 58-facets into a diamond brings out the most sparkle. 

2. The Princess Cut 

The princess cut came about after a poll took into consideration what type of cut most women would like. The results revealed most women loved the shape of the princess cut for its beautiful shine which dazzles despite its shape. The cut also directs its weight toward the diamond depth which in turn can maximize the brilliance of the stone. 

The cut has a depth percentage of 70% to 78% with square ratios that are ideal between 1.00 to 1.05. The depth of a diamond relates to the measurement from the top to the bottom of the cut, and the ratio refers to the length of the diamond divided by its millimeter width. 

Princess cuts are always set on four prongs to help protect the corners of the diamond from any damage. It has 57 to 58 facets and is known in the market as the ‘square modified brilliant’ or ‘rectangular modified brilliant’ cut.

In terms of price, the princess cut is less costly than a round cut. This is because the cutting process of the former leaves retains more of the roughness. 

3. The Cushion Cut 

This cut is similar to the princess cut for its relatively square shape. However, it can have a rectangular appearance as well. The beautiful cushion cut diamonds can easily combine the energy around a round brilliant radiant cut with its symmetry.

It consists of rounded corners that make them more ideal for women who actively use their hands a lot in their daily lives. These rounded corners, of course, cause it to be named as such. 

4. The Oval Cut 

The oval cut shares the same sparkle as a round cut. Its unique shape is also popular with people who like to play outside the lines. It’s a very fashionable cut that can look larger as it creates the illusion of a flatter hand.

Hence, the oval shape can make fingers appear long and thin. It’s a fun out-of-the-box choice that stands the test of time. In terms of stability, the oval cut diamond is less likely to chip. This is because its shape doesn’t allow for corners. 

5. The Emerald Cut

The emerald cut diamond is one of the first to be used. It is the perfect cut for gemstones and high-end diamonds for engagement rings.

It’s also known as the ‘step cut’ due to its layered faceting as it possesses a unique appearance with its symmetrical sparkle. Because of its minimal faceting, you can see the inclusions. Some open settings can even show a diamond’s color.

Although not rounded, the emerald cut is still safe from fractures as its corners are cropped. This is ideal if you’re not a true fan of circular cuts and if you go for an elegant and timeless appeal. You could truly say that your diamond is ‘forever’. 

6. The Pear Cut Diamond

A pear cut diamond is also popular as engagement rings and other jewelry. Its teardrop shape makes it look slightly flat paired with a wide bottom and a thin point on the ring.

It has 58 facets which allow for a beautiful light bouncing spectacle that can maximize the luster of the ring. You can wear this cut pointing up or down. Its facets can mask any inclusions, making it a beautiful cut. 

7. The Marquise Cut

The marquis cut diamond goes by other names, including the football cut, the boat cut, or the navette cut. This cut presents a shape and style that allows for maximum creativity when it comes to choosing a ring.

It’s a combination of round and pear-shaped cuts with an elongated body that can also help it appear larger than it is. 

8. The Asscher Cut 

Another type of diamond cut to look at is the Asscher cut. It boasts of a nearly octagonal shape with curved edges to give off a timeless effect.

The ring’s step-cut facet can create a very soft luminous glow that emanates from the stone itself. It’s a combination of the princess cut and the emerald cut. It has an X-shaped facet that stems from its corners to its center culet. The cut can emphasize the clarity of the diamond and is ideal for showing off high clarity diamonds.  

9. The Radiant Cut

The radiant cut is a charming symmetrical cut known for being non-traditional. This type of cut combines the innovation of the round cut and the purity of the emerald cut.

It’s known as the shiniest cut because it has about 70 facets, giving it a passionate look with soft corners. Like the Asscher cut, this type can also emphasize the clarity of the diamond and is ideal for showing off high clarity diamonds.   


As mentioned above, you can buy elongated shapes such as the oval, emerald, and elongated cushion cuts that can make hands and fingers appear longer and flatter. A pear shape can also craft a more creative option that allows for unique artistry for its flattering design. With these beautiful options to choose from, you can buy the perfect gift for someone special.

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