The Small Jewelry Brands That You Should Be Following

From trendy necklaces to timeless rings.


Finding the perfect new jewelry piece to add to your collection can be quite the struggle, from new and emerging trends to classic staples, there is always lots to consider. More recently, up close jewelry pics are the latest addition to our Instagram feeds, with a variety of styles, shapes and colors complimenting any outfit. 

We’ve taken a look at 5 up and coming small jewelry brands that bring you pretty much anything from trendy beads, gold pendants, timeless rings and simple sterling silver. These brands cater to a variety of budgets for those of you who fancy spending more on a timeless summer piece, those of you who want some trendy beads at an affordable price, and those of you who fancy somewhere in between!

Sister The Brand 


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First up is Sister The Brand based in Berlin. The brand was created by Antonia Anastasiadi in 2018 and works alongside a small family-run workshop in Cyprus to create gorgeous, wearable pieces, perfect for a holiday in the sunshine. Inspired by her Cypriot heritage, Antonia named the brand ‘Sister’, as a reference to Apphrodite who was born in Cyprus making her the ‘Sister’. The brand has recently introduced sustainable paper packaging for all of its orders and continues to support and highlight the tradesmanship of those producing the jewelry in Cyprus. 

Sister has a range of high-quality pieces at very affordable prices. Pieces to note include the Beaded Rainbow Necklace which can be paired with a pendant if so wished, as well as the simple Chunky Hoops which are a classic and staple piece for anyone, and finally the large Shell Pendant which catches the light effortlessly. To shop more of Sister, be sure to head to their website. 

Studio D’Anvers – Lauren D’Anvers

Studio D’Anvers was created by Lauren D’Anvers, as she began to pursue her passion of becoming a goldsmith. The brand is based in Antwerp, Belgium, and creates custom pieces of special jewelry all made from 18k Gold. 

Each piece is made to order and completely customizable, making it an extra special purchase for a loved one or yourself. You are able to choose your favorite gemstone and design and discuss this with the team before receiving your very own custom piece. The Twisted Rings are certainly a piece to note, with their simple, elegant design. Be sure to check out their website to find your perfect custom design, as well as taking a look at what the rest of the brand has to offer. 

Rubeads Jewellery 

Rubeads Jewellery was set up by Ruby Reader and specialises in handmade jewellery produced on the Kent Coast, UK. The brand focuses on quirky, fun and playful pieces designed specially to order. 

With colorful beads and bold concept rings being seen all over Insta feeds, the brand has a variety of pieces that offer us a sense of Y2K nostalgia, as well as adding some much needed color to spring and summer outfits. The brand has also continued to offer a nod to sustainability, having run the ‘Rubeads Sustainability Challenge’ at the start of the year, encouraging other small businesses to make small changes where they can. Be sure to check out their website for new products launching soon at the end of the month! 

Giddy Friday


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Having launched only last year, Giddy Friday was set up by recent graduate Izzy who wanted to create a brand which celebrated simple silver jewelry pieces that not only don’t break the bank but are also made to last. 

The brand now specialises in simple, Sterling Silver jewellery with a variety of pieces that come in super cute, quirky packaging, aimed at getting us all excited for the weekend ahead. The brand features a number of super wearable pieces including the classic Giddy Hoops which are a staple for so many outfits, as well as the Babe Pendant, which looks great layered with other chains or simply worn on its own. All of the pieces are made to last and therefore have a much better impact on our planet. Be sure to check out their website to shop the pieces mentioned, as well as any new designs. 

Alphabet Earrings

Lastly is Alphabet Earrings created by Rosie and ran on Depop. The brand lists a number of beaded and Y2K nostalgic designs at extremely affordable prices. Their main pieces include beaded earrings and necklaces featuring short letter beads spelling out different words. 

This style of jewelry has become increasingly popular as we head towards the summer months, and acts as a nice sense of nostalgia, perhaps in the same way we all clad ourselves with tie-dye tracksuits last year. The brand also offers custom designs so that you are able to personalize maybe with your name or chosen word and receive your own piece of custom jewelry. Be sure to check them out on Depop for new listings. 


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