Nike Summons The Greatest Female Designers To Celebrate The Jersey

Vive la femme.


The jersey has always been the center of sports — it’s what unites team and fans. It represents pain, ambition, and pride. Nike is not even close to stopping showing how female power can change sports, design and the world. On the occasion of this years’ Women's World Cup in France, they unite your favorite female designers Yoon Ahn, Christelle Kocher, Erin Magee, and Marine Serre to transform the classic jersey together with a matching bra.

AMBUSH founder and designer Yoon Ahn created a unisex hybrid football jersey inspired by the Happi coat, a traditional Japanese straight-sleeved coat. She says:

“I chose the Happi coat because, although we are celebrating the tournament and the incredible female players, I believe it is just as important for the fans, for everyone to have a universal piece to celebrate it.”

The Nike x Koché jersey expresses dynamic and positive energy with a graphic, bold and asymmetric design, reminding us of dance and fast movement. 

Erin Magee from MadeMe takes it even further by putting ‘sport first, fashion second.’ Inspired by the ground-breaking U.S. Women’s National teams of the late ‘90s she celebrates the sports brands eponym herself — Nike, the Goddess of Victory.

Marine Serre created her slender jersey with the intention to be worn over a printed bodysuit. She wants to ‘create a purposeful line that makes a female feel good without compromising the style’.


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